How to Wear Skinny Jeans

Any fashion trend with the word ‘skinny’ in it is bound to make people nervous! And when it comes to the skinny jean, it’s no different. This jean first made a hit on runways, then quickly trickled into Hollywood. But even when the trend caught on with the consumer world, people were still hesitant. And some still are.

It’s true that skinny jeans are quite literally, skinny jeans. They are narrow and tapered at the bottom. And, depending on the style you get, they can have a little give or look like they are painted on. The regular style of skinny jean is not extremely narrow and you can bend and move in them. The super-skinny jean is very narrow and looks like a second skin. Those who are hesitant about skinny jeans should try the original style before jumping into bolder looks. The original skinny jean is also the easiest to work with because there are so many different ways to wear this hot trend! So you don’t have to be super skinny to enjoy the look!

Wearing the skinny jean tucked into a boot is by far the most popular way to wear these trendy pants. Not only does the end result look super hot but it’s also very flattering on just about any body type. Wear chunky boots to draw attention away from wider thighs or wear high boots to hide unflattering calves. Or, find your own style and wear something in between!

Pairing skinny jeans with high heels is another no-brainer. By combining high heels with such narrow pants, it elongates the leg. This provides a slimmer and longer look all the way around! Stiletto heels are the most popular type of high heel to wear with skinny jeans. But even if you don’t feel comfortable towering over the crowd, you can still get the same look with something a little smaller. This is a look that anyone wearing skinny jeans can pull off. But women who think they have wide hips will especially benefit from this elongating look. Short women will also find that they feel most comfortable wearing skinny jeans this way.

Not only high heels will work well with skinny jeans however. Flats can also be worn with skinny jeans but caution needs to be taken. This look actually has the opposite effect as high heels do. Flats worn with skinny jeans tend to shorten the body and widen the look of the hips. Because of this, curvier women may feel self-conscious wearing flats with skinny jeans. However, petite women or very tall women might find that this look is perfect for them!

The only shoe that really should never, ever be worn with skinny jeans is a sneaker or running shoe. Skinny jeans can be made to have a sporty look however this is not the way to do it. Skinny jeans are thought of as designer jeans so pairing them with running shoes simply does not work. Sneakers also tend to be very bulky and chunky, which will look very awkward with such a skinny pant. To get a sporty look while wearing the proper shoe, simply roll up the skinny jean to mid-calf. This can be done with any boot, flat, or high heel. You’ll still get that playful feel and you’ll look top-notch!


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