How to Win a Swoopo Auction

Swoopo is an auction website that offers products from DVDs and CDs to games, cell phones and cookware. Anything found across the internet can be bid on through the Swoopo auctions. The key to actually winning a Swoopo auction is to actually bid and keep an eye on the auction you are bidding on.

To bid on an auction, you first have to become a member. Clicking on any Swoopo auction will take you to a page to sign up if you are not already a member. Click on register and then fill in your name, address and personal information such as birth date. Click on register at the bottom of the page and then begin searching for the items you wish to bid on.

On the landing home page, you can fill out your profile including information about how you wish to pay for your purchases. Remember that it costs you $0.60 per bid, so make sure you actually want the item before bidding on it. Entering your payment information and then personal information you want to be revealed to other users is the last step. Click save at the bottom of the screen and you are ready to bid.

At the top of the screen you can fill in the name of the item you are searching for and then click Search. This will bring up listings of every item that have that name or word in the listing. You can look at the pictures accompanying each item or simply click on each item to view the entire page listing. Once you have found the item you want to buy, click on Bid. This will take you to another screen to ask if you really want to bid on the item. Choose as you will and the screen will continue. Once you have bid on this item, watch the time remaining in the auction. Swoopo auctions can go on for days or if you catch them, only minutes.

Swoopo auctions are over when the highest bidder is no longer outbid before the time runs out. The time is always stamped on the ad page to let you know how much longer you have until the Swoopo auction is over. The name of the bidder is also available on the page, so you will always know if you have been outbid. An email will be sent to the email address you registered with if you are outbid as well.

If the Swoopo auction only has minutes left, stay on the ad page and continuously refresh the page. This will give you the most updated information on who is the highest bidder. If you are outbid, bid again above the highest bid by at least $0.50. This will give you the highest bid and will cut down the time the other bidders have to place a bid. When the last bid is placed before the time runs out on the Swoopo auction, you have won your auction with only a few clicks of the mouse.


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