How to Win at Horse Racing


Authored by Phil Dotree in Horse Racing
Published on 10-16-2009

Placing bets on horse racing is one of the oldest American sports traditions. It can be lucrative, but most of all it’s a great way to have fun on a track. It’s less fun to lose, however, and you’re likely to drop a few dollars if you head to the horse race without doing any research. Here are a few things that you should consider if you want to win at horse racing.

1. Know horse racing terminology. This is pretty essential. Knowing whether you’re placing a bet “across the board” or “to show” will make a big difference at the tracks. Horse racing fans have far more jargon and terminology than we can show here, but many tracks provide cards that inform new visitors of terms they should know. To be on the safe side, do a quick Internet search for horse racing terminology, and bring a print out with you. You’ll sound more professional when placing bets. Not only that, you’ll stand a better chance of placing the correct type of bet to help you win.

2. Learn about the jockeys. The men riding the horses can be as important as the horses themselves. After all, if jockeys weren’t important, nobody would pay them, they’d just ride the horses themselves. Good horse racing jockeys improve their horses chances of winning by controlling them well on the track and holding back the horse if it tries to break too quickly. Research the various jockeys at the horse race you’re attending, and take this information into consideration. Your bet can be greatly affected by a certain jockey’s stellar performance.

3. Know the horses. In horse racing, the main athletes have four legs. Just as you’d learn everything you could about a football team, you should learn everything you can about the horses. Find out which horses have run recently, as they may have better chances of winning. Look at the odds, and look to previous races that the horses have ran in. In particular, pay attention to horses that may have come close to winning a horse race in the past. Today might be their day, and they’ll often have worse odds (meaning more of a payout) than the horses that win the most often.

4. Learn about the horse racing track. All tracks are certainly not created equal. A certain track might be better for horses that start faster, or it might be better for horses that run long races well. The conditions of the track are another factor to consider. If it’s been raining, that’s going to affect the race as well as the temperature and time of day. If this seems like an overwhelming amount of information, you might consider reading a book or two on horse racing. The relatively small investment can quickly pay out. Books can teach you what to look for when considering track conditions, and how to use this information for horse betting.

Above all, remember that the easiest way to win at horse racing is to have fun and place a series of low bets. This is the best way to learn about horse racing. It’ll also prevent you from losing a lot of money very quickly.


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