How To Win At Slots

The lure of easy money is a driving force behind most people’s desire to gamble on the slot machines. Dropping a coin in, pulling the handle, and celebrating to the bells, whistles, and clink of cold cash falling into your hands is and exciting thrill-rush. With the outcome of each play being totally determined by random means, there are no complicated strategies to study and learn. There are, though, a few things about slot machines it pays to know so that you can minimize the losing streaks and find the machines that pay out big and often.

Whether an online slot machine or a new, microprocessor operated casino slot machine the heart of the spin is determined by a Random Number Generator (RNG). Coupled with this totally random selection of outcomes for a particular roll are some programming tricks that help maintain the excitement and desire for a player to continue paying in. Occasionally thrown into the mix of randomly generated results are such set pieces as an “almost” hit on the big payout. It is impossible to expect a “winner” just because a previous roll was close.

Slot machines are programmed with a payback percentage that determines how much of the money paid in to the machine will be kept for the house. Luckily for the slots player the average payback runs between 90-97% over a long period of time. Online slot machine providers usually have this average upped to between 95-97%. This is part of why you may run into long losing streaks before hitting a jackpot. The machine does pay out randomly but at a programmed monetary amount.

A lot of the success in winning at slots is in the time spent in observation of various machines to see just what payout percentage is offered. Some of the machines are designed to be “multipliers”. These will offer multiple numbers of coins played for increased payout potential on different numbered coins. Once you have found a multiplier that gives a better payout on, say, the second coin can save them from inserting the third coin as the odds favor the earlier numbered coin.

While it is possible for a slot machine to hit back-to-back jackpots or large payouts, it is not very probable. On average you should not play a machine that does not offer some payout every three or four spins. Move on from such tightly programmed slot machines and seek one that has been programmed better for the player. Even after you hit one for several big payouts, move on again before the RNG cycle moves it away from a payout streak.

Sometimes the best win can be when you lose no more than you could afford to expend. Always set a losing limit on your gambling and slots machine play. The casino, whether brick and mortar or online, have tricks they use to keep you playing. Knowing how much you want to risk and sticking to it will prevent one getting hooked on the excitement and spending money that is needed for necessities like food and housing.


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