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How to wipe away depression at christmas

  • By Means Elizabeth L
  • Published 03/23/2011
  • Non-Fiction

The Christmas season is just around the corner. You’ll see the festive decorations will gradually fill the street and appear on the houses or gardens of every family. You can hear the sleigh bells and people’s laughter. It seems everything is going perfectly. But there maybe something behind those big smiles. But instead of feeling the joy brought by the season, people feel the pressure. A recent poll shows that people who fear the holiday altogether account for over 45 percent. So not everyone see the light that brought by Christmas, and things are sometimes not what it seems to be. If you look harder into the eyes of this seemingly delightful holidays, you may get the reasons. And if you are surprised at the fact above, then you may get shock by another truth that more people commit suicides around Christmas time than any other time of a year. First, choosing and spending money on all the gift thing is among the reasons why lots of people feel so depressed around Christmas. And to make it worse, people feel harder if they are on small budgets and can not afford things they need as gifts for others. An easy solution is for them to charge it and pay the consequences later, which make them feel guilty, and this will compound the problem of depression. Second, people who are single may feel more lonely during the holidays when traditionally families and friends get together to enjoy happy time. Just imagine the scene where you go home alone to face an empty and cold house, then you can get the same feeling. Yet it can be even worse. For those who are alone not by choice, but owing to a death or an unwanted divorce, it is far not easy to take away the pain. All of these form the perfect reasons for pressure and depression. People who love you so much won’t mind whether they are receiving something expensive or not, but only care that it is from you. Of course, there are other factors — bad lifestyle during the holidays, crowded stores, noisy parties and so on. But, in fact, something can be done to swipe the depression away. Plan your budget for Christmas. If you don’t want to receive lots of huge credit card bills at the end, you’d better make a budget and stick to it. Opening up a Christmas savings account in the bank will help a lot. And you can make some changes in your expectations. For example, you can go for the quality replica branded items, rather then the pricey originals, when the replica ones are as good. If you are single and prone to be lonely. I think to help others can be a great thing to release themselves from the pain and depression. There are always people who are in a worse situation than you. They may be homeless or suffering from poverty and starvation. I personally love the saying that “Love is not love until you give it away.” When you are helping others, you will ignore your loneliness and you will also feel good and warm. Sometimes you should tell yourself the truth that Christmas is actually not about wonderful gifts, festive parties, beautiful trees, or sparkling lights, etc., while it is all about love. So make wise choices when doing your gift purchasing and give some love to others this Christmas, then you will see how joy and warmth come to you in this cold winter.Don’t you desire to have your own how to wear an Hermes scarf at very affordable price?



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