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How to Write a Book On the Weekends

  • By Earma Brown
  • Published 11/16/2010
  • Writing

Have you given up writing your book because you have limited time? Don’t do that, if you really want to get it written and in the hands of your readers. You can still write your significant book in small blocks of time and receive big benefits. You can still get it accomplished and receive the benefits of an extra income stream, increased credibility, expanded opportunities, a living legacy and the prestige of Author behind your name. Busy professionals, small business owners, stay at home moms, students all have something in common when it comes to realizing their dream of writing a book. They can not normally take a month or even a week off to commit to accomplihing their dream. Each person only has a small block of time to actually work on their book. If you fit in the category of having a full busy life with work and family, here are some simple steps to jumpstart your book writing. Use my acronym ACT and get your book written even if you only have small blocks of time to work on it: Avoid marathon writing. You don’t have to go away for a year, a month or even a week. You can start right where you are with what you have this weekend. Think about it; if you were to get laser focused you could write a chapter a weekend. In twelve

weekends, you would ha

ve a 12 chapter book. Or let’s say your goal is a little bit shorter than that. In seven weekends you could have a 7 chapter book written. Commit to the tracking approach. When you use the tracking approach, you consistently get a small amount done each time. It builds your momentum and gradually increases your progress. O.k., there’s one more scenario, I want to throw at you. What if you don’t have weekends free, but you have a long train commute. You can commit to writing on your commute and get a short book written in a few weeks. Or you could work at night after everyone is asleep to punch out 1 chapter during the week. It’s the same, in a few short weeks you could have a 7-12 chapter book written. Toss away your thoughts about being tied to writing your book in order. You have the permission of your book writing coach. You don’t have to write in order. With this in mind, you work on writing whatever chapter you have the most passion for at the moment. Or choose the one you feel excitement bubbling inside to write. Even so, don’t forget to first write out your table of contents. This way you will have something to choose from. Don’t delay any longer. You can still get your book started this year even on the weekend. Get a plan, write it down, get organized and get started this weekend. The book writing coach

is wishing you wonderful success with your book project.



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