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How To Write A Book That Pulls Readers In Like A Magnet

  • By Earma Brown
  • Published 12/3/2008
  • Non-Fiction

Are you still wondering if you have what it takes to write your book? My vote says you do. I am convinced your audience is waiting on your insightful expertise to help solve their problems. Like other professionals who took the plunge and wrote their book, you can create a new monthly income stream. In all fields but especially business, people are looking for practical information and knowledge. So, whenever you’re ready here’s 7 proven ways to write profit into your first business book: 1. Write a book on one topic. When you overload your reader with information, you come across as disorganized, wordy and boring. Instead of including everything you know, stick to one how-to subject and include plenty of simple details with examples to make it useful to your readers. 2. Write a book that’s easy to read. Make your book simpler, shorter, and punchier. Shorten your sentences, stories and analogies. Your professional format will include a strong heading (question) your reader needs answered and the answer. This professional formula presents the problem and solution quickly without a lot of words.

3. Write a book with professional feedback. Yes, you should get feedback from family, friends or your local writing group but you should get a professional viewpoint of your work. Most of us nee

d help weeding out the passive voice, bad grammar and all the things that slow your readers down to a standstill. 4. Write a Book that’s Uniquely YOU. Brand yourself, your business and your book. Think about the greatest benefit that you offer through your book or service. Consider your book and chapter titles. Now think about your keywords and headings on your website. Do you see a repeating word that stands out? For example, the course “Win With the Writer Inside You” the author threads some form of “win” throughout her materials. Ever heard of the Chicken Soup for the Soul series? The title changes in its audience but the Chicken Soup brand stays the same. For example, there’s a Chicken Soup for Teen-agers, Chicken Soup for Mothers, and so on. 5. Write a book like a PRO. All it takes is a little know how to write your book like a pro. Start by solving your readers’ problems using your expert knowledge. You know the articles, speeches and reports already in your files. Expand one of your articles or speeches into a short book by adding short stories and some practical how-to steps. If you want to write your book like a pro and increase your income,

Don’t let your ideas, knowledge and expertise fade away. Put it to work for you in a book. Remember, if you need help contact a professional book coach or take an e-course to inform yourself. Here’s to seeing your book in print soon.


Are you ready to get started writing your book in next 100 days or less? Go get my free 7 lesson mini-course Jumpstart Writing Your Book! You can get instant access to this ecourse and other How to Write a Book tips at the http://www.writetowin.org web site From Earma Brown, 14 year author and book writing coach

by Earma Brown


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