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How to Write a Great About the Author Box

  • By Tiva Kelly
  • Published 03/24/2008
  • Article Writing

Your article marketing campaign will gain almost instant exposure for your business. That is if you let people know who wrote the articles you are submitting. When you write your articles, don’t forget to include the most vital aspect, the About the Author box. This is your space; use it wisely. Once you’ve created a stunningly informative article, you’ll want to see some sort of payback. What makes article marketing worthwhile for the authors? That’s right, it’s the About the Author box. That is the place where people who have loved your article will be able to go and get more information about you, the author. What to Write Your About the Author box is generally short and sweet (think 300 characters or less). This is your chance to make a pitch and sell yourself a bit, and drive people to your web site. Lead off the text with your name, accompanied by some information about your credentials. For instance, “Kelly Gilbertson has been hand crafting custom napkin rings for over twenty-five years. Her unique artistic process allows her to create one of a kind napkin rings like nothing else on the market.”

See how it works? State your name, your business and why you are special. While napkin rings may not be your forte, I am sure you can fin

d something interesting to say about the product or service you are offering. If there is something particularly unique about the company itself, you may also want to make a mention of that. Your Website The website address is perhaps the most essential component of the About the Author box. This is why you decided to embark on your article marketing endeavor. It is the quickest and easiest way for readers to get more information about your company. When they like what they read they simply direct their mouse to the bottom of the screen, click on the link, and voila! They find themselves directly linked to your very own website! Not only does this bolster your direct site traffic, it also helps you establish a ton of backlinks which will boost your Google rankings. The more backlinks you have from credible websites, the higher you’ll see yourself climb in the rankings. Directories will accept either a text version, or an HTML version, of your About the Author box. In your text version, it’s fine to include your URL. Also, include what’s known as a fully qualified URL, complete with the href.

There is no mistaking the importance of the About the Author box. It is the portal through which consumers will discover you through your articles. Just watch as your site traffic, Google rankings, and profits climb, all thanks to the About the Author box.



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