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How To Write A High Quality Term Paper

  • By Daniel Millions
  • Published 12/5/2008
  • Writing

If you have an important term paper to complete for college then it is vital that you allow time to understand what is expected of you. Time and time again students will rush through the paper without regard for the guidelines set out by the department tutor about what they expect the paper to answer. So my first tip is to make sure you know what is expected. This article looks at some of the many other simple tips that you can follow in order to achieve a high grade. The first thing that you should do is choose the most appropriate topic for the subject. Quite often the majority of students will choose to write about something that has recently had a lot of coverage in the news. Instead try to identify a subject that is less main stream. It is perhaps a good idea to speak to your tutor at this stage and ask for advice about what kinds of suitable and interesting topics are available. Once you have decided on a topic the next important task is to develop an outline of the term paper. This is a crucial step as it allows you to formulate the argument and to organize the paper so that it reads logically. The next tip if not followed is one of the major reasons why students do not achieve high grades in their term papers. It is crucial that when developing your argument that you back up any claim that you make with credible evidence. It is not suitable to simply make a point without any indication as to why you have reached that conclusion. As you research and develop the paper, it is important to seek out good reliable sources that will add credibility and authority to your statements. This exercise is not especially difficult, it just requires time but the effect on your grades will make it worthwhile. You should use the facilities available to you at College to seek out good sources. The library and the internet are the two main information hubs that can really help your grades. The next tip centers on plagiarism. It is incredibly tempting to think that adding a few sentences out of a text book will not have an adverse effect on your term paper grade, but if you do this you run the risk of failing the paper completely. Under no circumstances should you directly copy the exact words of someone else’s published work. You are allowed to quote those words but you must always reference the source. You should also check with your tutor on the correct way to add references to your work. When you begin writing the term paper you should also remember that it does not have to be a lonely experience. It can be very beneficial to the overall grade to seek advice from a tutor or perhaps other students. Your tutor will be more than happy to help guide you on all aspects of the project and this is a simple way to ensuring that you write the paper in the way that it is expected.

If it is the first time that you have been asked to write a term paper then it can be a daunting task. However, by following the tips outlined above you will certainly go a long way to ensuring that your grade can be as high as possible.



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