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How To Write A Novel

  • By Winston Kuwada
  • Published 10/8/2011
  • Fiction

Most people would love to write a book. To walk into a book store, and see their book sitting right there on the best seller shelf. To take a tour of the United States and sign books in book stores across the country. To perhaps even make the rounds on TV shows and talk shows to promote your book. Sadly, this is only a dream for most people. Many people have a vague idea about writing a book, and maybe even sit down and put a few words together, but they never make it to the final stage. In this article, you’ll learn exactly what to do to get your book written. The reason people get writer’s block is because they start to write without having a full idea of the who the characters are, and what the story is going to be. It’s essential before starting the actual manuscript to create both character and story.

It’s a good idea to create a basic story first. Think of what’s going to happen, what problems are going to come up, and how they are going to get resolved. Once you’ve got the basic idea of the overall story down, then you need to bre

ak it down into small scenes. Common stories have three general sections. The introduction, when you get to know the characters. The next section is when the characters get into the trouble that they are going to need to get out of. Then the last section is how they resolve the problem. Once this part is done, you’ve got to create the characters. You have to make them as believable as possible. That means you’ve got to know much more about them than will be shown in the story. You’ll need to create their whole history, background, as well as come up with any strengths and weaknesses they may have. Once you do the above two steps, creating the story and the characters, the rest will be easy. Since you know the characters well, you’ll know exactly what they’ll say and how they’ll respond when they meet up with whatever trouble they are going to encounter. And because you will have put in so much into creating your characters, they will be real and memorable to your readers.

And when you do that, you’ll create a novel that people will happily pay to read. Now get off the Internet and start writing your masterpiece.



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