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How To Write A Resouce Box for Article Marketing

  • By Isabela Duarte
  • Published 10/27/2011
  • Writing

The article submission process includes two versions of the “About the Author” box for each article. One box is required; this is for the plain text version of the “About the Author” box. The second box is optional; this is for the HTML version of the “About the Author” box. All publishers will definitely accept the plain text version and some will also accept the HTML box. The HTML box allows the author to post links which help drive readers to their web site. Therefore, it is a good idea to submit both versions of the “About the Author” box. Most authors take advantage of this opportunity! To write an effective resource box, spice it up! Google loves real human authors that create informative creative content. Google loves variety. The “About the Author” box will help market yourself and your web site as an innovative expert. To publish original “About the Author” boxes, first create a new and unique box for each article. For example, Joe Hammerhead of Joe’s Hardware Supply might write “Visit my hardware supply site” for one article, “Check out my great toolbox organizer” for another, and “Learn more about toolboxes” in a third.

Second, connect the dots. Make sure

that the links in each box relate directly to the topic of the article. If the article content matches the links, search engines will recognize the connection and this builds relevance. For example, if you want to improve your search engine results position for the keyword “toolboxes”, and then link that term to your website. Make sure the link goes directly to information about toolboxes on your site. Also, keep in mind that many publishers do not accept dynamic links. The problem with these links is that spammers have a propensity for using them. So we’d recommend that you don’t use them. These links could affect how many sites are willing to publish your article. Be sure to not include “?” or “=” in the URL. The best thing is to send readers to a regular page on your web site and then from there you can redirect the readers to your dynamic content. Lastly, you can even have article specific resource boxes. Search engines love real human authors who produce original content. Try to add as much variety as possible!

If the “About the Author” box content varies, then this information will help YOU market yourself and your web site as an innovative expert. To publish article-specific “About the Author” boxes, simply create a new and unique box for each article.



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