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How To Write A Winning Sales Letter

  • By Kevin Sinclair
  • Published 05/31/2008
  • Copywriting

If you want to sell your product or service on the internet, the best way to go about it is to write a winning sales letter. Not everyone feels themselves up to the challenges of this task. Some struggle with their writing, others hire a copywriter to tackle the job for them or use copywriting software. However it gets done, a winning sales letter follows a system. One such system follows in the form of this template. 1) The headline. Before you write this, ask yourself this question: what is the benefit to the purchaser of your product or service? Many may come to mind; you must think about each of these and incorporate the largest of these into your title. Phrase your title in the form of a question, as follows: * Would you like to …? * Who else would like to …? * How would you like to …? These are just a few possibilities for your headline, you can surely think of other questions to lead it off. 2. The opening line. The opening line should be an answer to the question posed by your headline. Offer a solution to the reader. Put it in terms like: “If you would like to know more about … then this is likely the most crucial information you will ever read.” That ellipsis there? This is where you will list the biggest benefit of your product.

3. Mention your product or service by name and convey some general information on what they can expect fr

om your product. 4. Write down all of the benefits of your product in the form of complete sentences. Invite your reader to imagine the benefits of your product as they would apply to them. 5. Now get into specifics. Make a bulleted list of the features and benefits of your product. 6. Make an offer to the reader. Tell them what sort of price a product as high quality of yours could demand. Make the case that you are charging less because you are genuinely interested in sharing the fruits of your labor with others and know how many people have a need for exactly what you have to offer. 7. Offer bonuses. You should offer, at the very least, one bonus. Be sure to list the benefits of each bonus listed to your readers. Make summary of the total value of the bonuses following this. 8. Testimonials. Use testimonials from people who have actually used your product and have found it useful; include their names and locations. 9. Write your guarantee/refund policy. This makes your potential customers feel that they are in control of the transaction. Tell your readers what your refund policy is. Check with your payment provider what they support in terms of refunds and go from there. 10. Call for action. Your purchase button should go right here so that your reader can make a purchase right then and there.

11. That’s it! Edit your letter using Dreamweaver or whichever WYSIWYG editor you prefer and upload it to your website.



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