How to Write Ad Copy That Sells

What is ad copy? Ad copy is basically a written advertisement, in the modern day world of the Internet, ad copy is meant to grab the attention of the consumer who was not necessarily looking to buy the particular product but your words have grabbed their attention. Now that you have a better understanding of what ad copy is you’ll want to develop your own style.

In order to write effective ad copy put yourself in the costumer’s shoes what would you want if you were them, what about your ad copy would make you want the particular item? If it is a new product how will it be different then the ones on the market already? Basically why should they choose your product over others?

Become a sales person on paper. You’ll want to use all the attributes that a sales person would use. Show some personality, as you’ll want them to pay attention to your product. Make sure you know about the product and believe in what you write. You wont always like the product but believe in what you put on paper. Knowing how the product works will aid you in your writing.

Try to find a way to make your ad copy different from the rest. There are many of them circling the web and you’ll want to find a way to separate yours from others. Take weight loss pills for example. There are tons of sites promising that their pills are the ones that will work. Perhaps they really do. How do you get the customer to believe the claims are true? It is your job as a good ad copy writer to show them how with words.

It might help to picture yourself writing a TV commercial or jotting the commercial on paper. Some people like to speak the ad out loud and some may even record it and write from the heart. Also, you may want to close you eyes for a few moments and picture the product, picture how it may help you if you were the consumer. You may also want to see how it compares to other products out there and how it may serve the costumer better.

It would be nice to paint a picture of how the person’s life will be different. Get them to visualize how their life was before the product and how it will be better now. For example if you are writing ad copy for a new brand of knifes. Try to get them to envision the negatives of cutting food with their old knife and then get them to see how the new brand will make their life easier.

Writing ad copy can be quite enjoyable, as well as profitable to a good writer. If you take the time you can polish up any product and show the costumer just how much better their life will be with the product you are selling.


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