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How to Write an Article Using a Magic Pill Article Writing Template

  • By Earma Brown
  • Published 05/26/2009
  • Article Writing

Do you have the magic pill for a huge challenge in your field? We all want a magic pill that will make our challenges and problems go away. Newbie article marketers miss the mark with this one. They offer their reader the steps but in no particular order. Your readers get frustrated if you don’t give them the proper steps to follow in the right order. Most of us want a detailed, chronological list of what to do and when to do it to accomplish a task. You know like getting a prescription from the doctor. You want him to tell you; take 1 pill twice a day for 14 days. Make it simple; make it easy for your readers and they will come back for more and send their friends to read your articles. To write a magic pill article, follow the tips below: 1. Create a sizzling title. Insert your prescription in the title. If this is your first article, you might try choosing 5 tips to start with. If not, use any number less than ten. Here are three title samples to get your creative juices flowing: “The Magic of the 90 Day Plan to Debt Freedom,” “5 Magical Ways to Make Belly Fat Disappear,” “How to Setup a Profit Pulling Website In 7 Magical Steps.”

2. Write an attenti

on grabbing introduction. Identifying a challenge or problem your prescribed tips will help solve. End the introduction with a short list of top benefits to the reader when they follow your prescription. 3. Offer a prescription through your tips. List the tips and write a short explanation of each one. Use the step by step approach. 4. Summarize your article. Remember to end your article. Even if its just one sentence. Don’t leave your readers without an ending. 5. Form a soft sell signature ad. If you are using your article to market on the Internet, don’t send it out without a bio (signature box.) This signature box should contain your subtle sales message. Persuade your reader to subscribe to your ezine. Entice them to visit your site for your free e-book, mini-course or special offer. Without a quick way of writing your articles to grab the attention of your audience, your articles could go another month with fewer readers than they deserve. Implement the tips above to capture the interest of your visitors and get all of your articles read. Make your readers feel the magic with a magic pill article!

Don’t wait any longer! Remember, there’s an Information Revolution raging online. Why not jump in before it’s too late.



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