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How To Write An eBook By Repurposing Your Articles

  • By Connie Ragen Green
  • Published 01/12/2009
  • Writing

You can write an entire eBook simply by writing articles. This is the perfect way to repurpose your content and market your eBook, long before it is completed. There are several ways to do this, but it must all start with choosing a niche and doing your research. You do not want to write an eBook that no one will be interested in buying. That is why you must take advantage of the free keyword tools that are available to you online. Make sure there are people ready to buy the information you will give them in your eBook. If there are already similar products available for sale on the internet, purchase them and think about how you could improve upon what is out there. Next, prepare an outline of exactly what information you want to include. You may need to do some research, so allow time for that as well. Divide your material into chapters. About eight to twelve chapters works well. That will make your eBook about eighty to one hundred pages in length, which is perfect for people who will want to print it out, rather than reading it on their computer.

Once you have completed your outline, begin to write articles that will go i

nto a particular chapter. I always start with the first chapter, but then I jump to the chapters that I am most ready to write. As you write and submit each article, people will be able to give you feedback and opt in to your list. By the time you are finished writing, you will already have a list of prospects that may in interested in purchasing your eBook. Starting a blog with your content is also a good idea. Again you will be repurposing the same information that is going into your eBook and turning into articles. Many people will find you through your blog, rather than from your articles, so it is important to do both. Update your blog regularly so that the search engines will find you easily. Use your keywords in your post titles and give as much valuable information as you possibly can.

Social networking sites, such as Facebook and Twitter, are also important in the eBook writing process. I have created something called tweeting your articles, where you tweet one sentence at a time from your article until it is all on Twitter. You can also let people read your content on Facebook, where articles are always welcomed in groups and on walls. Finally, your eBook will be ready for you to sell to create a passive income stream forever.



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