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How To Write An eBook To Position Yourself As An Expert

  • By Connie Ragen Green
  • Published 08/21/2008
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People write eBooks for a variety of reasons. Sometimes they want to have a product to sell to make passive income online, or want to have something to give to people who join their list. Then there are the people who are looking for a way to gain credibility and visibility online, and to position themselves as an expert. An author is defined as someone who originates or gives existence to anything. This means that as an author you are the original thought leader behind the idea. People have always looked up to authors, considering them to be experts or an authority in the field they are writing about. So how does this pertain to you and your online business?

We know that the most important thing you do when you start your business on the internet is to choose and define your niche. This is the exact area in which you will be creating products and services. It is also the area where you want to be considered the expert. By writing on this niche topic, whether you are writing articles, blogging, or writing an eBook, you are building that level of expertise. In fact, every time you write about your topic you become even more of an expert. Here are some ways this level of expertise can build your credibility and visibility online, and

help you to position yourself as an expert very quickly. People will seek you out as a public speaker for their event, once they find out you have written an eBook on a topic of interest to their audience. If given a choice, the person who is an author will always be perceived as the expert in the field, regardless of their academic background or the number of years they have been involved in this niche market. Wouldn’t you prefer to hear someone speak on a topic who has written a book about it, instead of listening to someone who has worked in that area or spent years in college, but has never taken the time and effort to write down what they know? Authoring an eBook will also give you the visibility you need to position yourself as an expert very quickly. You will be able to have your own blog over at Amazon, journalists will contact you for stories they are writing, and you will be a sought after guest on radio and television programs. The media is always searching for new people and ideas to write about, and by writing an eBook they will seek you out regularly.

I encourage you to get your eBook written as soon as possible. The rewards are great and the opportunities will be plentiful. Considering that you can write your eBook in just a few weeks, it should be at the top of your list as you build your online business.


Connie Ragen Green teaches you how to write articles and eBooks to build an online business, as well as how to use the technology needed. Visit http://www.EbookWritingandMarketingSecrets.com to find out more.

by Connie Ragen Green


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