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How to Write an Effective Resource Box

  • By Isabela Duarte
  • Published 10/20/2011
  • Article Writing

To write an effective resource (About the Author) box, start out by being personal and positive! Include your name, your site, and a clear description of your area of expertise. Readers are drawn to professionals that are real and trustworthy. This personal connection results from a stable reputation between authors and readers. To achieve such a connection, continue to submit more articles with a personal “About the Author” box, and then readers will begin to recognize your name and knowledge. Your profile information will then help YOU market yourself to readers as a reliable expert. With such a good reputation, readers will then read your articles more often, which increases traffic to your website! Publishers also use the same guidelines to establish dependable relationships with authors. These knowledgeable authors are more likely to have their articles published resulting in more links. Therefore, this is your opportunity to help build your reputation to motivate readers and publishers to start thinking of you as a professional.

To increase your distribution, follow the Publishers’ guidelines and be simple. Remember that your “About the Author” resource box is like a sales pitch, so make sure it is clear a

nd effective. Publishers love Author Boxes that are short and sweet. So get right to the point! We recommend including no more than two links in each “About the Author” resource box because Publishers have the right to accept the article or deny it based on the article content. Some Publishers only allow two links in the “About the Author” box. Therefore, the information in the “About the Author Box” is crucial to the success of the article. To ensure acceptance, try to play by their rules by only including no more than two links. Also, no more than two links in the “About the Author” box will increase backlinks in the long run. So please continue to be patient and remember that your articles are building relationships with readers and Publishers. Publishers are eager to establish dependable relationships with authors. The authors that follow their rules are more likely to have to their articles published resulting in more links! Remember that simplicity is a key point. Most publishers favor a short “About the Author box”, so keep the character count under 300.

Also, links don’t belong in your article; your links to your website should be placed in your “About the Author” resource box. Continue to submit educational and informative articles and watch traffic to your website increase!



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