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How to Write Effective Web Development Articles

  • By John Cunningham
  • Published 09/29/2009
  • Article Writing

Website development is a bit of a technical field. Writing a good piece of content about it would be easier for a web developer or designer than for a general topic writer. But still, whichever of the two you might be, you can definitely write an interesting set of web development articles that you can either post on your website or on other media or sites. So how can you get started writing this type of articles? Here are a few tips you can keep in mind in case you have such an assignment on hand. 1. Focus on just one topic. Web development is a broad field and with it comes equally broad range of topics that you can write about. First thing you have to do is to think about which topic you should write and how best to approach it. 2. Get easy on the technical words. Of course you can use as many technical terms as you want on your web development articles, that is if you know your readers will all be fellow web developers. Because otherwise a lot of people will easily get lost on all of your jargons because they don’t know a bit of what you are saying. Your intended message will be lost and your articles will all be a complete waste because nobody can understand them. 3. Use descriptive words.

In every form of writing, descriptive words are the ones that truly brings life to any article.

Because without them your writing will not be fully understood because your readers cannot visualize what you are telling them. For example, if you are going to cite some web design examples, perhaps you can use concrete words like what color you are describing or the pixel size of the image or graphic element your using. In everything that you write, try to be as descriptive as you can possibly can. 4. Keep it concise. This is especially true if you are writing for the web. Most people hate reading articles that are more than 500 words. They always prefer short but highly informative articles so your goal is to meet these criteria. But it is not always the case. An exemption might be if you are writing about a complex web design tweaking procedure. It is understood that you might need more than 500 words to probably get your points across. But with this type of article, your readers are understood to be web developers otherwise none developers will find everything you wrote simply boring. 5. Write in the first person.

People usually respond more favorably to web development articles that seem to be speaking directly to them. To achieve this effect, you should maintain a first person voice or perspective in your writing so it can be as intimate and as personal as you can make it between you and your readers. So use the words ‘I’ and ‘you’ more often and construct your sentences as if you are just having a normal conversation with the readers.


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