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How to Write Good Ezinearticles

  • By John Cunningham
  • Published 09/29/2009
  • Article Writing

Take advantage in this sense is for you to benefit the most from your article submission to ezinearticles. This article directory is among the first in its field or category and therefore, also the most popular directory of its kind today. It has long been used by internet marketers to help them with their article marketing strategies that have been success stories all by themselves because of their submissions to this site. So what benefits can you get from such an endeavor? For one you get great exposure for your articles and for your website as well as more and more people can get to read your articles as well as other webmasters grabbing your content and posting these on their own sites. That’s already a great mileage for your promotion and marketing efforts. Another is that you can gain more incoming links to your site because of the links to your articles being posted on other sites and on ezinearticles itself. Here are some tips you can follow in your creation of articles for article marketing submissions. 1. Make good use of the author or resource box.

This is the last part of your article where you are allowed to introduce yourself, your business or website, and the most important thing of all, put links pointing to your own site. Write a descriptive sentence or two about yourself and your business and provide as much info as you can possibly can on your purposes o

r online business. 2. Create an article that is highly informative. You of course want other people to read and grab your article to post on their own websites. For this to happen, you need to write informative articles that others will find very useful and will not be able to resist to copy it to their sites. That’s extra links and exposure for you just by writing good articles. 3. Search engine optimize your articles. It is not enough that your article is full of facts. You must also make sure that it is properly optimized for the search engines. Because you certainly would like people who are making search queries to find your articles. Your articles will have better chances of syndication if your traffic is coming from organic searches. 4. Make it short. Nobody likes to read very long articles so it is best if you can limit your word count from 300 to 500 words at the most. Anything more than that and the article will already be hard to read and even start to become very boring. 5. Proofread and edit.

Just because you will be distributing your ezinearticles for free, that does not mean you will no longer proofread or edit it anymore. Be as professional as you can possibly can, even if you are sending out stuff that are for free. Remember that people usually associate a poorly written and edited article to ineptitude and lack of knowledge. You certainly do not want that kind of reputation especially if you are engaged in any form of online marketing.



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