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How To Write Product Reviews That Inspire People To Buy Your Affiliate Products

  • By Neeraj Varma
  • Published 03/11/2011
  • Copywriting

If you can learn write product reviews you will be on to one of the most lucrative business opportunities online. There are literally thousands of products you can sign up for as an affiliate, do product reviews for them and sell them online. Every time you sell something you get a commission. The company you are selling for takes care of all the packaging, shipping and customer service. Selling affiliate products with online is a great, hands-off business opportunity that keeps paying you over and over again after you set it up once. It’s easy to set up a business writing product reviews because people are getting really comfortable with shopping online. With the mass acceptance of smart phones and mobile Internet access, people are literally shopping on the go! The advantage of having a smart phone or other mobile Internet technology is that you can do your research right away when you see something you want to buy. All you have to do is a quick Google search and you will find product reviews that will show you the pros and cons of most any product you want to buy. With all this knowledge at their finger-tips people are relying on product reviews to help them make good buying decisions like never before. Both young and old alike are learning about what they want to buy before they go out and buy it. In support of the pre-shopping trend, people are now more than willing to buy online if they can get all their questions answered and they feel comfortable with the seller. This is where the opportunity lies for the smart product reviews writer. For example, if you went shopping for an electric toothbrush and you were at a store and saw several different brands of toothbrushes, you would want to know a little bit about what makes for a good toothbrush before you drop $150 on a purchase, right? (I’m using this example because I know electric toothbrushes are a big seller on Amazon.com).

So, while you are in the store you do a quick search on Google and you find a great product review for electric toothbrushes. The review compares all the features and benefits and gives guidelines on which brand of ele

ctric toothbrush is good for which kind of person. After reading the review you understand which toothbrush you want to buy and realize that you can click on a link and buy the same toothbrush online for $40 less (this is a real example, since I actually compared prices). What would you do? Would you buy the one you could get right away or would you be willing to wait a week or two and save 40 bucks? Well, a lot of people are willing to wait a while if they can save a few dollars. Now, what has actually happened here is that, if you were the product review writer, you have helped someone 1. By giving them valuable information that they were looking for 2. You showed them how to save money 3. And you presented the information in such a way that they agreed with your recommendation and bought through your affiliate link (and you got paid!) If you are reading this article, the main thing you are probably interested in is the getting paid part. So, what you need to understand is WHY you got paid. This is a typical shopping scenario now-a-days. People are actually doing research on the Internet before and during the buying process. What you need to understand is that YOU got the sale, instead of the store (or some other online resource). WHY did YOU get the sale? You got the sale because first of all, you provided quality information that was highly relevant to what the consumer wanted to know at the very moment they needed the help. Second, you got the sale because you were able to convince the consumer on the right action to take. The only way to influence a consumer to take action is with genuine enthusiasm… with passion! If you are going to convince someone to do something, you first need to be convinced yourself so strongly that it is clear what you think is the right action to take. You need to believe in what you are selling. (Actually, when you write product reviews you are actually pre-selling, not selling). So, if you want to inspire people to buy your affiliate products you need to: 1. Understand where your prospects are in the sales process 2. Know what you are talking about

3. Help people make the right decision for themselves with authentic enthusiasm and passion.



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