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How to Write Your Book of Memoirs Fast!

  • By Earma Brown
  • Published 02/2/2009
  • Writing

You might think aha; I knew it was a catch. No really. You can easily write your book of memoirs. It’s the same with everything. You have to want it first. If you want to write your life story fast, here’s 5 top tips that will speed you on your way to a successful book of memoirs. 1. Know every life story is important. Every fingerprint is unique and so is every life story. If told effectively, realize there’s hundreds if not thousands that will benefit from your life experiences. Your story, your events, your unique journey is worth sharing. Even if it’s just for the next generation of your family, do it for them. 2. Discover how to tell your story well. Though important, the details of your story are boring. No one wants to hear about the small and insignificant things of your life. Find out how to develop story telling abilities. Unless you are already famous, most people will not naturally want to read your story. They would rather go to the dentist and endure a root canal.

3. Recognize all stories fade. Less than a couple of hundred years from now people probably won’t remember you. Let’s be real; can you remember your great grandfather’s full name without looking it up? Most people can’t. Just think; your great grandparents more than likely lived less than a hundred years ago. They laughed, cried, accomplished things, went through things. Yet no one remembers their name not even family. Let’s bring it closer to home; in 4

or 5 decades no one will remember you either. So it’s up to you. You have to write your important life story so generations to come will remember. 4. Make your memoirs eventful. Not many people will naturally be interested in your life story. They might see the details and turn away. Don’t worry that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t write your story. All of our daily lives are boring. To make your memoirs eventful, punctuate it with the events of high points, unusual occurrences and excitement. Did you grow up dirt poor and become wealthy? Did you kick a drug habit or overcome the effects of an abusive marriage? Now is the time to make use of any high drama you’ve gone through in your life. 5. Give your story a mission. Don’t fall into thinking that just because your story is important and eventful, everyone will rush out to get a copy to read. Your memoirs should have a purpose that will benefit your reader. It should help someone (directly or indirectly) overcome an obstacle, achieve a goal, solve a problem or inspire them to progress. That purpose could be success in raising a strong-willed child, getting a dream job, becoming wealthy, operating a business, overcoming adversity, getting an education against insurmountable odds or overcoming a bad habit. (Drugs, alcoholism, binge eating, etc.)

If you don’t get started writing your book of memoirs, you could be this time next year wondering if you’ll be remembered. Don’t let your life pass you by without recording it. Your story deserves to be told; there’s a generation coming who would love to hear and remember.



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