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How Writing SEO Copy Leads to More Links

  • By Jimmy Cox
  • Published 07/20/2010
  • Writing for the Web

Content will always be king. This has been the major belief of all website copywriters and internet marketers alike. They all adhere to that because it makes perfect tense. This is simply because it is the content of the website that any visitor is truly interested. It is the only part of the whole website that can make anyone stay longer and make that person belief on website’s message or information. This is why writing SEO copy is deemed very important. Any website needs a well-written SEO copy that can help it rank and be read more by a lot of people. You always read about the importance of content for any given website, but what exactly is content? Most often, when we say web content, we mean the text or copy that can be found on the website. But the world wide web is more than just the written word. Content can refer to the videos we watch, the sounds we listen to, or even the games that we play on a website. So basically it is that part of the website that brings meaning to it, the one that interacts with its visitors.

Now that we are clear with what content is, then let us connect it with link building. What does it have to do with links? As mentioned earlier, content is king and therefore if you are going to create any kind of content, always make sure that it is of high quality. Writing SEO copy is essential because such kind of content can attract the interest of other webmasters and people in general. Now when they like your content, it is probable that they will link to it, then they are not only linking to the content, but to your

website as a whole. And since it is search engine optimized, it can help rank that web page in the search results. Therefore it is important you create good content for your website. And if you think you are not good in doing this, you can always hire somebody else. If your site needs articles, a good copywriter can do the job. And if you need videos, hire a videographer who has experience creating videos for the web. But still if you prefer to do it on your own, then here are some tips and suggestions that can help you get started. 1. Create a truly engaging content for your visitors to enjoy. Stay away from cliched and boring content that will just waste other people’s time. Always remember that for your website to get as many links as possible, other people must think that it is good. And the way to achieve this is through fresh and exciting content. 2. Make it concise. This is especially true if you are writing web copy. Do not write paragraphs after paragraphs of text, people always stay away from this kind of copy. People who are looking for information on the web usually just scan a web page. If they immediately see nothing but huge blocks of text, it is very hard to grab their attention and read everything.

3. Do not complicate your content. People scan a web page, seldom do they actually read everything on it. So if you have an article posted on your site, write in easy to understand terms. Stay away from jargon and too technical wordings. This goes the same when you are creating videos or other types of web content. Writing SEO copy should not be too hard a task, especially when you want more people to easily understand your message.



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