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How You Can Be The Next BestSelling Author

  • By Jason Oman
  • Published 06/19/2008
  • Writing

A lot of people dream of writing a book. But the real dream is when you become a best selling author! That’s because of all the amazing things you can do once you’ve become a best selling author. Like being invited to speak at various seminars. Where you get to share your message and your offer to sometimes 100 people or more. Not to mention the money you can make from doing that. Plus the money you can make from various joint venture opportunities as well. After all, who wouldn’t want to do business deals and make money along with a best selling author? Best of all, it is a lot easier to achieve than most people realize. The key really boils down to making an irresistible offer. An irresistible offer is an offer that is just too good to pass up. Something that causes people to take action and buy your book today. Rather than maybe buying it at some point in the future.

Best seller lists are all based on periods of time. So you need YOUR book to be the best seller during a specific period of time. For example, some best seller lists are hourly, like

amazon. Some are daily. Others are weekly. So, the secret to making your book a best seller is to sell as many copies as possible in a specific period of time. Which is great. Because it means you don’t have to sell thousands and thousands of copies. Because as long as your book sells more copies than any other book in that specific period of time, then you become the next best selling author! Can you get more people to buy your book in a one hour period of time than any other book? If so, you’ll be the next best seller. So, how do you do that? All you have to do is offer 1 or more bonuses people will get for buying your book during the time period of your best seller campaign. The more irresistible you make the offer the better. For example, if you can offer $100 or more worth of bonuses if they’ll buy your book for $10 (or whatever the book’s price), then that is a pretty irresistible offer. It means they’ll get ten times as much value as they’re paying for. I’ve personally used this technique to make my own book a #1 best seller. And I’ve taught it to others who have used it very successfully as well.

Do this yourself and I’ll see YOU on the best seller list next!



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