How You Can Recycle Your Old Jewelry


Authored by Johnny Dunn in Jewelry 
Published on 03-14-2009

If you’re like most women, you probably have an old jewelry box with a bunch of diamonds and pendants you’ll never wear or even see again. What you probably don’t know is that you can make a lot of money off of that. There also many environmental benefits of recycling your old jewelry instead of throwing them away; some of your jewelry can be salvaged and made into new by manufacturers to create new jewelry and other works of art. Here are just a few ways you can recycle your old jewelry.

1. Green Karat

Green Karat has the My Karat program that allows you to recycle or reuse your gold. The Recycle My Gold program lets you recycle old pieces of gold and you can receive store credit to buy new jewelry. Or you can even choose to have your gold melted down to create entirely new pieces of jewelry. Newlyweds will benefit from this the most; they can have their families donate old jewelry and choose to melt the jewelry down to create new rings of their own.

2. Sell your Old Jewelry on eBay

One man’s trash is another man’s treasure. You’d be surprised at just how applicable that old saying is even today. Many people look to eBay to buy used items at a discounted price and jewelry is no exception. Make a listing on eBay for your old jewelry and you can advertise it as it is or as supplies to create new jewels. Remember to include the size, condition, and photos to help your customers.

3. Remove the Gems from Old Jewelry

Your gem is the most precious and valuable part of any jewelry accessory. Have a jeweler take the gem out of the accessory; many people use this to take diamonds from diamond rings or earrings. You can then sell the gem again or put it into another medium, whether it be a ring or a pendant or an earring. This is a very good way of reusing a gem you like very much.

4. Use Your Old Jewelry But In Unique Ways

What if you don’t want those pair of clip-on diamond earrings anymore, but you got a pair of new heels you like a lot? Why not make the heels more dazzling? Clip on the earrings onto the heels for some new sparkles and add a unique look to whatever item of clothing you’d like. Or you can choose to stud a normally plain belt with sparkling gems for a great look. Be creative.

5. Accessories Your Home Decor With Gems

All you need is some superglue. Why not decorate your flower vase’s rim with some gems?

Recycling old jewelry isn’t limited to just these few ways mentioned above. You’re only limited to your creativity, and there are tons of companies who will melt down your gold or gems for money. Never let your jewelry go to waste by leaving it in a box to collect dust and don’t even think about throwing it away.


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