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Hydrogen fuel cell cars

  • By Mike Kelley
  • Published 10/13/2009
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Hydrogen fuel cell cars are among the latest and most promising ways to improve gas mileage and acquire more mpg. These are just the ordinary cars that have been renewed to utilize water as an appendage to ordinary gasoline. Unlike hybrid and green cars, hydrogen fuel cell cars offer the promise of zero emission of pollutants as the only by-product from the cars is water vapour. Along with this the use of hydrogen powered cars also reduces the fuel consumption to a great level and save lots of money.Hydrogen fuel cars work using DIY hydrogen fuel cell or a small device that provides HHO gas or brown gas. This HHO gas is then passed on to the internal combustion chamber where it is mixed with the gasoline inside the car to facilitate the burning of fuel efficaciously. As this mixture of gases burns it provides efficiency and power to give you implausible gas mileage improvements. The various parts that are required to make a hydrogen fuel cell include CPVC pipes, a quart sized container, an electrical component, automotive fuse, steel plates and baking soda.After the car has been converted into hydrogen fuel car you can anticipate to get gas mileage improvements of between 35% and 50%. The various other advantages that your hydrogen fuel car would offer include:

– A smooth

er ride and greater performance due to the cleaner burn of the fuel.- A lot less wear and tear as compared to the regular engine that burns gasoline only.- The running life of the engine gets extended due to less carbon upsurge. This also cuts down on the expenditure of repairs, mechanics bills and car tax rates.- The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) approximates that fossil-fuel automobiles release 1.5 billion tons of greenhouse gases into the environment each year and switching to hydrogen-based transportation would eradicate this.- Another advantage with the DIY hydrogen fuel cell is that it is completely reversible. So if you want to sell your car you can remove it without causing any harm and can persist to get better gas mileage on any car that you possess.With pollution intensity rising at an increasing rate, it is essential that every car owner swap over to a hydrogen fuel car. The increasing pollution level is the cause of many harmful diseases, decrement in the quality of life and global warming which is emerging worryingly. These reasons have leaded every person from auto manufacturers to environmentalists to politicians to publicize hydrogen fuel cell cars as the wave of the future. But experts believe that many technical and financial barriers need to be cleared before these noiseless pollution-free automobiles flourish on the roads. nopicture-9387173

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by Mike Kelley



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