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I and my ear rings

  • By Kathy Kathy wl
  • Published 06/8/2011
  • Fiction

I don’t like ornaments except ear rings because I think that ear rings can add to a girl’s elegance and delicacy.A pair of exquisite ear rings can easily catch others’ eyes as the girl wearing them walks or moves her head. I am a thrifty girl in general,but by no means mean about paying for ear rings. Whenever I come across a pair of ear rings I take fancy to,I would like to get them regardless of their price.

At my bedroom,I have a jewel case only for keeping my ear rings though not all my ear rings are valuable enough to be considered as jewels,some only having been bought at street-side stalls. I arrange them in sorts according to their styles and color,for the convenience that I can easily find the right pair every time before my stepping out of my home.I would not wear the sa

me pair for too long a time and my choice of ear rings on certain day is not at random. I tend to choose a pair that match my wearing best and are most appropriate to the occasion I am going to appear at.If I am to go shopping with my friends,I tend to wear a pair of animal- or flower-shaped ear rings, such as in the shape of butterfly,little bear or whitetip clover,with which I think I look lovely and casual.If I am to go for a party,I would like to wear a pair with little glinting glass balls or rhinestones in them, to make myself look fashionable and sharp,thus attractive.If I am to have classes or attend certain formal meeting,I would choose a simple and small pair of ear rings or even a pair of ear studs,to avoid bothering or distracting others.In a word,I cannot imagine my life without my ear rings.  


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