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I Hate Everything Calendar Review


The I Hate Everything Daily Calendar

Recently a co-worker who apparently knows me a little too well suggested a calendar that might be appropriate for someone like me.  It was the “I Hate Everything Daily Calendar” by Matthew DiBenedetti.  As soon as I saw it I knew I had to order it and 30 seconds after being told about it, the order confirmation from Amazon was in my email in-box.  I hate the split second of excitement and curiosity I get when I see an email notification, only to remember that its just the confirmation from Amazon.


Starting the New Year with the I Hate Everything Calendar

As you can probably guess from the title of this I Hate Everything calendar, its full of things that can turn any happy go lucky person into a Mr. Cranky Pants in a heartbeat.  I know that at least a few of you have thought the exact thing that you see printed on the first page…big deal, it’s just another day, right?  Most of the pages in this I hate everything calendar are actually opposite of the one you see above, with a white background and black text and illustrations.  Some of the pages here are black with white text and illustrations.  I hate that I can’t figure out the pattern or why they are like this.


I Hate Everything…Especially things that make me feel old

Here is a sample of the mostly white pages, this one targets things that might make you hate them because they make you feel old….I hate that as well.


Hate that you are a sloppy eater?

There really isn’t a person, place, or thing that this calendar doesn’t get into.  I hate that it has even reminded me of some things that I forgot I hate…and I hate all over again now.

Do yourself a favor and go buy the I Hate Everything Daily Calendar or else you will hate yourself.  Join the club though, I’m sure you aren’t the only person that hates you.

©2017, Brian Greene. All rights reserved.


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