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I Love Office Supplies Some Valentine's Day Inspired Items


I always here the comment “I love office supplies” when the topic of the blog comes up among friends and acquaintances, so I thought it made sense to kick off February with a Valentine’s Day / I Love Office Supplies theme.  Following you will find a bunch of office supplies that fit that theme…I have not necessarily tested any of these, but I thought it would be fun to share.  Buy at your own risk…that is the risk of someone making fun of you for having such girly office supplies…unless of course you ARE a girl.  Or maybe these would be good for your significant other as a gift…either way, enjoy:


3″ x 3″ Super Sticky Post it Hearts

First up for those of you that love your office supplies are the 3″ x 3″ super sticky Post-it Notes.  I’ve written about the line of super sticky Post-it notes before and they definitely live up to their “super sticky” moniker, and these might be the best way to leave that awkward and work-inappropriate message for your favorite eye-candy in the office.


Heart Shaped Post-it Value Pack

Next up is a pretty good value actually, assuming you want to be seen with a big heart shaped Post-it dispenser on your desk.  Not only do you get the dispenser, but you also get a ton of (by ton I mean 18 packages) Valentine colored 3″x3″ refills.  According to the reviews of the Heart Shaped Post-it Value Pack, it is also a hefty little item that functions as a paper weight and it stands its ground when you yank a Post-it note out instead of sliding across your desk in the act.  Also, if you want to save some money, you can grab the Heart Shaped Post-it Dispenser on its own without all the refills…if you want to be known as the cheap guy with your Valentine’s day gift, good luck with that.


Heart Shaped Paper Clips

Paper clips are the staple of any office supply cabinet…wait, that doesn’t sound right, but you know what I mean.  These Heart Shaped Paper Clips look like a good way to spruce up that boring stack of papers, just be careful who you hand that stack of papers to, your boss might take it the wrong way and you could end up with an awkward HR conversation on your hands.  Either way though, ignore the one-star review on Amazon, apparently the person was unhappy because their box of 50 only had 49, and the manufacturer never responded to their concern.


Pink PaperPro Stapler

I’ve actually always been a big fan of the PaperPro line of staplers.  They are ridiculously strong, no-nonsense staplers.  This PaperPro Stapler with Pink Accents is sure to be a hit due to its girly color scheme and incredible performance.


Cross Affinity Ruby Red Pen

I’ve never actually used the Cross Affinity Fountain Pen (available in ballpoint and rollerball too) but I’ve seen it in person and the red finish on it looks amazing.  I stopped myself from dropping money on this pen just because I liked the color, but if you are a fan of Cross products and looking for an elegant looking pen, this is definitely worth considering for your Valentine.4


Refillable Heart Journal

This Refillable Heart Journal might make a good add-on gift for that snazzy Cross Affinity Pen, or maybe you can just give it as a stand alone gift.  Either way, the fact that it is refillable makes it a great gift for your recipient because once she has filled the insides with musings about what a great Valentine you are for her, she can yank it out and start from scratch with a new refill once she is over you and your lame office supply related gifts.

So those are just a few cool Valentine’s day gifts for you to contemplate for your Valentine, or just for that person in your life that loves office supplies.  If none of those are really up your alley, you can always take the alternative route and go with one of these:

The I Hate Everything Journal:


The I Hate Everything Journal


The I Hate Everything Daily Calendar:


The I Hate Everything Daily Calendar

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