Iced Coffee Made at Home


Authored by Kennedy Allen in Food and Cooking 
Published on 08-07-2009

Coffee is most popularly reserved as a morning time caffeine jolt to refresh our brains and get up to speed with the new day. It is served hot to warm your stiff body after a night’s rest. Everyone loves a good cup of coffee in the morning but, what if you need a caffeine fix in the middle of a hot summer day?

Iced coffee is the perfect summer beverage. It helps fight heat fatigue by providing some much needed stimulation in the form of a cold and refreshing drink packed with caffeine. About twice or 3 times as strong as carbonated drinks, iced coffee is better for you, too.

Coffee chains and shops offer iced coffee for a price. These are usually high, not to mention unnecessary! Homemade iced coffee is the way to go. You can choose the flavor of coffee you like best, and the savings will be immense. How do you make a perfect pot of iced coffee at home? Here are some basic rules and tips to get the perfect results from homemade iced coffee.

For starters, buy your favorite coffee blend. The stronger and darker the roast the better because iced coffee tends to get watered down quickly. Darker brews equal tastier iced coffee!

The next step to homemade iced coffee is to brew as usual. Take into consideration whether this will be iced for immediate consumption or if there is time to let the brew cool before pouring over ice. If the iced coffee is wanted immediately, you should use more coffee than usual in the brew.
For a quick glass of homemade iced coffee, use twice as much coffee ground. A strong brew is necessary so the quickly melting ice won’t make it too watery!

For the best results, brew coffee to taste and let the pot sit at room temperature or in the refrigerator for a few hours, until cool. This will result in a strong and perfectly flavored homemade iced coffee that will not water down too quickly.

To make the cooling process quicker, cold milk can be added before refrigerating the fresh coffee. This of course depends on if you like milk in your coffee, and can cut cooling time significantly.

Another good tip for perfect homemade iced coffee is to add sugar directly to the freshly brewed batch before cooling it down. Sugar dissolves better in hot liquid, so it’s easier to flavor your drink.
For coffee addicts who brew fresh pots every morning, now that you know how delicious and refreshing a tall glass of homemade iced coffee is there is no need to pour the leftover coffee from breakfast down the drain! Store it in the fridge for later use, and save some time and money.

The best thing about homemade iced coffee is that since you make it at home, experimenting with the possibilities can result in a great new beverage! Try mixing in some cocoa powder or condensed milk for an extra tasty mid-afternoon treat.


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