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Icicilombard Show Your Parents The World

  • By deepa leenair
  • Published 03/2/2013

Are you retired and willing to see the world? Are you a son or a daughter who are palnning on presenting your parents with exotic holidays in some of the finest holiday destination? While thinking about these things have you thought over the cover which you must go for while going for a trip or making arrangements for your parent’s trip? No? Then you must think over it before sending them to enjoy a delightful holiday. Icicilombard makes it easy and provide you the best cover which they must have. It will make their travelling and holiday experienceunforgettable. You just need to take this initiative and we will look after the rest. Why you must be covered while travelling? Travelling abroad is not an unseen and unreachable dream. In fact many a people decide to travel abroad for the visit of the world after finishing all their work and responsibilities. They make plans after their retirement. The international trip plan is a plan offered to senior citizens that cover insured individual for unseen non-medical and medical expenses while travelling abroad. This policy gives a covers to individual who are aged between 71 to 85 years. To get much more details you must visit the site icicilombard.com to choose your policy which meets your need and provide you full satisfaction. They try to give you the best policy cover for your parents to make them happy. What are the benefits? Unwanted medical expenses can create huge problems while you are travelling and can even take out all your money and savings if you do not have a comprehensive travel insurance policy for you as well as for your parents. ICICI Lombard provides a policy for travel insurance for senior citizens which just not only secures your parents during their international travel but also protects you in foreign landsduring the period of need. It gives coverage to people more than 85 years without any medical check ups. It provides people aged between 60 to 85 with some mandatory medical check ups. It tries to give you a quality health care facility and cashless medical services all over the world as they are tagged forand as you are insured through UHI. While you are abroad you can get cover for pre-existing diseases also while you are under life-threatening situations. It provides travel cover which is originally of 180 days but it could also be extended to over a year with a little formality and some extra premium. While you are abroad your loved ones will also get medical coverage at home.

It also provides automotive repair assistance to your loved ones back home while you are not present and you are travelling. You must log on to Icicilombard.com for more information and even can place an order for your policy online.


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