Ideas for Extra Income for Stay at Home Moms

There’s a truth to the saying when there’s a will, there’s a way. There’re ways for moms to stay home to parent their child and still contribute to the family’s income at the same time. There are many financial options. You just have to find the right one that’s fits you. Here are 10 money making ideas for extra income for stay at home moms.

1. Start your own home day care

Make your why your reason. If you value being a fulltime mom and spending time with your kids, why not share this wealth to help other working moms and make money too. Start by offering to take care for your neighbors kids while they are away for work. There’s a high likelihood they’ll agree specially if there’s a high degree of trust. If you want to start big, visit the website for Day Care Licensing Standards first and grab more ideas and start from there.

2. Offer to do typing jobs

Since you’ll be staying home a lot, decide to invest one day a week in your schedule to hunt for typing assignments. Start by listing down area in your communities with the high probability for such needs like a university or a law office. Introduce yourself and offer your services. It may take some time to develop clients but if you persevere, I’m sure you’ll find clients.

3. Consider tutorial services

Maybe you have a gift for teaching kids. It takes a special type of patience to relate educational material with kids. You have to know their language. This is an excellent way to stay home and make money too.

4. Be a virtual assistant

Are you good at setting appointments, personal planning, scheduling and budgeting? Maybe you could be a virtual assistant. Visit websites and research for potential clients. All you need is computer, internet connection and a phone.

5. Pet sitting and walking

Here’s another idea. It may not make as much but if its just extra money you are looking for baby sitting for pets can be an amusing and non stressing way to make a little money. Check it out.

6. Home call center

Allocate a small quite place in your home where you can work in front of a computer, receive calls and become a customer representative agent for another company. You don’t even need to dress up for work as long as you answer calls. You can make serious income with this one.

7. Garage selling

Why not get rid of clutter in your home, be home with your kids and make money at the same time? What about doing a garage sale? Research the net for tips on how to start your own garage sale business.

8. Doing laundry

Laundry is a basic need for people and some find it a waste of time especially during weekends when working moms can do other better stuff. Offer to do laundry for other people. Use your own laundry system at home. No need for deep analytic thinking or typing skills. If you know how to operate a laundry machine, you’re set.

9. Sell stuff at eBay.com

Use technology to move products. If you have handy crafts you want to sell, then sell them thru the web. It’s a global store for everybody. You can be global and yet be at the comforts of your own home.

10. Go to craigslist.com

Visit this web site and view for other different money making opportunities. You might find other job offers that fit you better.


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