Ideas for Homemade Wedding Favors


Authored by Rodney Southern in Wedding
Published on 12-06-2008

The simple art of producing homemade wedding favors has been in existence as long as weddings. Homemade wedding favors allow the bride to express her own unique individuality through small token gifts. These homemade wedding favors are often handcrafted and run along the theme of the wedding itself. The bride is limited only by her imagination, and time in the crafting of her homemade wedding favors.

The origins of homemade wedding favors can be traced back to a time when these small gifts were meant to be a way of spreading good luck. When a bride gave out homemade wedding favors, people were thought to have excellent health and good fortune for the coming year. While the tradition has evolved to more of a thank you, homemade wedding favors are still a special and endearing wedding tradition.

Here are some examples of homemade wedding favors:

Netting Candy – Candy is always a hit at any wedding and this easy to put together treat is one of the most popular types. To put this classic homemade wedding favor together, you need only to purchase some netting with very fine stitching, some string or bows, and some candy. It is preferred that you purchase candy that will not melt. Basically, you cut the netting into 4 inch squares, and then place the candy inside. Pull the edges of the netting up around the candy, and tie it off with the string or bow.

The Memory DVD – This fantastic gift has come about in recent years as one of the top homemade wedding favors. All you need to do to make the memory DVD is to find pictures, video, and other mementos of your relationship. Include pictures and video of close friends and family in the memory DVD as well. Take all of these pictures, videos, and memories and have them put onto a DVD. This process can actually be done at home if you have the software and equipment. If not, you can have it done at your local camera shop. This makes one of the most enduring and popular homemade wedding favors you could give.

The Personal Message – This homemade wedding favor will require a bit of effort and creativity but it is sure to be memorable. The first step is to write a personal letter or poem to those that will attend your wedding day. Unless the wedding is to be very small, you will want to make this message very general in nature so that it might apply to everyone. If you expect a low attendance of only your closest friends and family, then you may consider writing individualized notes to each of them. Have these notes written in nice calligraphy on miniature scrolls. The scrolls can be found at most any craft store. If your budget allows, tie off a calligraphy pen to the scroll with a nice colorful bow.

Each of these ideas for homemade wedding favors are inexpensive, and open to creativity. Take some time to make each idea your own. Any homemade wedding favor will be appreciated by those that attend your wedding, and will make your wedding memorable.


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