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Ideas for Using Innovative Designer Chairs in Your Home or Office

The advent of Modernism brought an interesting change in the design and style of furniture. Stripped of all superfluous ornamentation, the focus of furniture shifted to bare functionality. This led to the creation of an exciting style. Numerous modernist designers contributed to the development of unique pieces of furniture.

The minimalistic and innovative designs of furniture of the modern era had a considerable influence on the home and business space décor. If you want to incorporate contemporary chic in your home or office, you need to select each piece of furniture, even something as simple as chairs, by carefully considering several important factors.

The choices available are numerous, right from designer variants to standard models. However, your focus needs to be on the combination of aesthetics and practicality. The varieties available often make the task more confusing. When you plan to buy appropriate chairs to complement modern décor, you need to plan your purchase carefully.

Here are a few ideas for you to explore as you plan to buy appropriate designer chairs.

For a comfortable living room: A three-piece suite or a modular seating system in a neutral shade is a good choice to create comfortable seating in the living area. Add a distinctive Knoll armchair by the fireside in an accent colour to add dimension to the room. A characteristic example of minimalist modernism, these armchairs define luxury.

For a trendy dining room: The Eames chairs can be the right choice for a sophisticated look and feel in the dining area. The sturdy frames, the comfortable seating space and the sleek designs of these chairs offer versatility to your dining room. The simplistic design of the chairs is perfect to create a spacious feel even in small areas.

For a posh college room: The renowned modernist furniture designer, Arne Jacobsen, was given the task of designing the furniture for the professor’s room at the St. Catherine’s College, Oxford. The poised Oxford series of chairs, a superb example of sober elegance, was designed for this purpose.

For a smart hotel lobby: Be it the cool and formal sofa or the cute and cosy egg chairs, the designs from Arne Jacobsen are the perfect fit for any modern hotel lobby and lounge. Some of Jacobsen chairs, like the famous Swan and the Egg series were specifically designed for the Royal Hotel in Copenhagen.

The modernist designers brought about a revolution in the perception of simplicity.

The next question is – where do you buy these pieces of furniture? The rare and original pieces are often quite expensive, making them an out of reach option for many. In such a circumstance, you may opt for similar designs available from different furniture stores. You may also find such pieces of furniture from online stores.

When you buy the chairs and sofas inspired by the modernist designers, make sure you focus on the quality. High quality materials and strong build ensures that the pieces of furniture last for a long time. Before you choose any particular chair or sofa, enquire about its materials and make.

Author Bio

Celia Barrymore is the editor of an interior decor magazine. She provides tips and suggestions for individuals and businesses looking for designer furniture. Whether you are looking for Eames inspired dining chairs for your home or Eileen Gray inspired office chairs, she suggests you to visit www.cadesign.ie for such products.


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