Ideas for Winter Wedding Centerpieces


Authored by Kate Beswick in Wedding
Published on 10-13-2009

Winter weddings certainly provide brides and grooms-to-be an opportunity to get away from the traditional summer wedding décor! And when it comes to winter wedding décor, one of the best places to let your imagination run wild is with the table centerpieces. There are so many great and unique ideas that can be used for a winter wedding centerpiece because there are so many wonderful aspects of winter! Checking out some of the ideas below is a great way to fire your own imagination and start brainstorming for that perfect winter wedding centerpiece!

Of course, if you’re having your wedding around the Christmas holiday there are a world of ideas for your winter wedding centerpiece. Having miniature presents wrapped up, complete with shiny bows is a fun and playful winter wedding centerpiece. And of course, you don’t want to forget jolly old St. Nick! Dress up miniature Santas sitting on a sleigh that’s overflowing with presents and well wishes for the newlyweds. Or, using either real or artificial trees, set up small evergreens that are decorated just like a Christmas tree. Decorate the tree with miniature ornaments using the wedding colors. Complete the look by adding small, twinkling lights! This one will really be a show-stopper!

Flowers are always a great choice when it comes to wedding centerpieces and winter weddings are no different. For a truly dramatic look, drape the tables and chairs in snowy white fabric. Add a dramatic look by placing floral arrangements in deep burgundy or red and some deep forest greens. Some couples even choose to display floral arrangements that are completely white for a truly snow-covered look.

And while you’re thinking about the wonders of snow, why not incorporate snowflakes into the theme? Of course, you won’t be able to use real snowflakes but you can create them in many different ways. Making sugar snowflakes is a great way to include snowflakes into your winter wedding décor. These can be made easily by you, which will save you money in your wedding budget or you can purchase them in the seasonal section of any department store. Place the snowflakes in a cute arrangement in the middle of the table. Or, if you want to get even more creative, place them randomly among fluffy white cotton batting. This will make for a truly unforgettable winter wonderland!

Another great winter wedding centerpiece idea that you can do yourself is to use gingerbread houses. These too you can make yourself or buy gingerbread house kits. Decorate them and write something on the door such as, “Welcome to our Home Sweet Home.” If you want to give your guests something fun to do, assemble the house but leave all of the decorations for your guests to complete the look of the house. Not only will you have some great memories that you can treasure for many winters to come, but your guests will have fun too!

Creating a beautiful and whimsical winter wedding centerpiece is easy! Simply take what you love most about the winter season and find a way to turn it into a beautiful centerpiece!


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