Ideas for your Wedding Reception Tables: Setup and Design

When you envision your wedding reception, you most likely see your happy guests sitting at reception tables, eating and being entertained. While wedding reception tables used to be fairly standard and typical in design, they have come a long way in the past few years and they are now used as a huge part of the overall wedding reception theme. Because of this, you not only want wedding reception tables that are stunningly beautiful, but you also want your guests to be comfortable at them while they talk to their friends and enjoy their dinner. There is certainly a lot to consider. But, in order to avoid becoming overwhelmed at the thought of tables, here are a few pointers on wedding reception tables that will get you started!

Of course, the first thing you’ll need to consider is how many tables you want, as well as the shape of them. Generally, long and rectangular tables are best suited for smaller weddings with fewer guests. A great idea for very small parties is to go with an L-shaped sectional table. This will allow the wedding party to sit in the middle of the group with the entire group along both sides of them.

Very large weddings are usually prone to smaller groups of round tables. This is a great way to get people together who have never met before, while still allowing guests to sit with the people they came with.

There’s no doubt that what’s going to make or break your wedding reception tables are the centerpieces. These can be very costly or very cheap, depending on what you have in mind. Flowers are very traditional but can be very expensive, especially if you’re using fresh. Candles are also very popular and these are very simple centerpieces to make yourself. Choose floating candles using your wedding colors or have small tapered candles in the center of the table. There are tons of things you can do with candle centerpieces!

If you want truly unique wedding centerpieces, create them in the same theme as your wedding. If you’re having a beach wedding, create small centerpieces that display seashells and tea light candles in a hurricane lamp. If you’re having a Christmas wedding, place a pile of presents in the center of the table, with a name of a guest on each gift. Inside, place small plates that read things such as “Joy”, “Love”, and, “Peace.” Your happy wishes for them will be a gift in itself but these can also serve as your wedding favors!

The Head Table
You can’t talk about wedding reception tables without touching on the head table. Generally, the head tables are long rectangular tables set up in the front of the room. Typically these tables have been outlandishly decorated with swags of tulle draping off of them. But you don’t need to go to this extravagance to make sure that your special table is noticed. If you want a more subtle, and cheaper option, consider buying runners in your wedding colors. These can often be purchased at the dollar store. These runners are narrow pieces of fabric that typically run the length of the table.

To give the runners a special look, lay them so that they drape across the width of the table, instead of the length. If your wedding colors are pink and brown, drape one pink, then one brown and so on. In the middle of the table, lay 3 of the same color side by side to give it an extra flair!


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