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If Only Life Were As Simple As the Lynx Excite Advert

  • By Emily Inglis
  • Published 06/28/2012

We have all seen the Lynx Excite advert whereby women seem to be all over a less than average kind of guy. One quick squirt of this well known deodorant under each arm seems to be more than enough to have the fairer sex literally swooning at your feet. However, alas, life is never quite this simple and it often takes so much more to find true love nowadays.

This is the case for both sexes as well, not just for men. We all lead busier lives now and there can be much less time to go out and find a potential partner. Also, we may become so out of practice when it comes to meeting other people, the world of dating can be a very daunting place. There are definitely other ideas for these busy people now and it is definitely a case of forgetting all about the lack of reality portrayed in the Lynx Excite advert.

For a start, there are now literally dozens of online dating sites for you to choose between. These can appeal to people either in a generic way, or there are even sites that are directed at different hobbies and interests.

The good thing about these dating sites are that they afford the user a high degree of anonymity. This means that you are not forced into a face-to-face meeting; instead, you can take your time in getting to know a potential interest and only arrange to meet them once you are completely ready.

Gone are the days of the intimidating singles bars that would have been the only realistic possibility in the past. Nowadays the internet has managed to revolutionise the world of dating and statistics show that year-on-year more and more marriages are resulting from these types of sites.

About the Author: Emily Inglis is writing about the Lynx Excite advert



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