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Importance of DVLA For Getting Private Number Plates for Cars

In recent times, individuals avoid taking the usual designed number plates for cars issued by the registration office. Rather they prefer to buy those types of number plates where they have the option to add personalised touch. This is only possible if one opts for private number plates.

What private number plates are all about?

The term private means something which is personal. When you get a chance to personalise the number plate of your car, it will be termed as private number plate. Under private number plates, along with the registration number and the alphabet referring to the city, you can add your name’s initial. You can even choose the font style for writing the number and the alphabet on the plate. You can even add images to the number plate. Hence, the number plate will be designed the way you prefer it to be seen. Thus, it is not only the brand of your car you buy that will stand out in the crowd but also the number plate you use for your car.

Before you opt for private number plates, you need to get the registration number that is issued by the government. It is this registration number that gives your car a unique identity. Once the registration number is issued to you, the number gets recorded in the registration book. However, to get this registration number you need to apply for it to DVLA (Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency) and the registration plates provided by DVLA is known as a DVLA number plate.

However, personalising the DVLA number plate is now possible in much easier way. Different options have been legalised by DVLA which a buyer can opt to get DVLA number plates. Are you planning to have one such number plate for yourself? If so, first check out the different styles that are there under DVLA personalised registrations.

  • Prefix style – alphabet referring the age of cars come before the registration number
  • Suffix style – alphabet used for identifying the car’s age comes at the end of the number
  • Dateless style – it is the only new format which doesn’t contain a year identifier. Rather it contains the number combination along with combination of a few letters.

Knowing about these different styles can actually help you to decide as to which one you should choose for yourself. Apart from this, you should also find out the place where you can get such number plates easily. This is because every supplier doesn’t have the right to provide you such number plate. The suppliers selling such number plates need to have proper licence to do so. Otherwise, in the future you may face legal obligation. At the same time, don’t forget to check out the price quote before placing your order.

Author Bio:

Peter Flintoff is a well known car repair expert. He informs readers about the importance of DVLA personalised registrations when an individual is looking for number plates for sale. He also speaks about the different types of DVLA reg plates that exist in the market. For further reference, he refers to http://www.plates4less.co.uk .


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