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Important Notes On Article Writing

  • By Chris Kennelly
  • Published 12/15/2009
  • Article Writing

There are many informative guides that exist and can help you with article writing skills, and by taking a little time to study a couple of these you will be well on your way to success with these efforts. One of the most common mistakes is that of the flow of the article, which includes the grammar and spelling of the article itself. The overall structure of the article should also follow an easier to read pattern, with shorter sentences and shorter paragraphs too. This will make it easier for people to digest the content of your writing, without having to analyze too deeply. People are usually in a rush, thanks to our current lifestyles, and by making it easier for your potential readers you will most likely achieve a better click through rate or response rate for your provided information. Speaking of information, this should be your primary objective, provide valuable info and do not overdo the content in terms of selling or promotion. You will most likely be denied publication, within the article directories if you do try to promote excessively within your article writing. You are given an opportunity to ‘sell’ within the author’s bio or resource box, this is your area to promote.

Having said that, don’t overdo it there either, as some readers may well find it to be somewhat off putting, and will see through these blat

ant sales or promotion efforts. Always consider the perspective of your targeted reader, and consider whether you can provide value for the reader by providing an insight, albeit briefly, of how they can solve a particular problem in their life. You also want to briefly address the issue that you are dealing with in your article writing, in such a way that it piques the reader’s interest so much so that they will visit the site that the content is meant for. The only way you will accomplish this is by knowing the audience or as marketers put it, your target market. Do not for minute believe that your article writing efforts will attract all and sundry, but rather approach the subject on a targeted basis, addressing a specific need and audience. This is commonly referred to as niche marketing, and although it is in the form of an article, you will most likely achieve a greater success rate in terms of both readers and click through rates, as people specifically interested in the content will be reading the article or content.

Some experts suggest the use of bullet lists, and although this may work for some, others do not believe that this serves the content any justice, in which instance you do not have to go the list route, but remember to keep the sentences and paragraphs manageable for the reader. Your title and leading sentence or paragraph represents the one and only chance to capture a reader’s attention, therefore use it wisely.



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