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Important Things You Should Know About The Carpets

  • By Black Stallion
  • Published 08/14/2012

You can find out many flooring choices but before you choose what to put down on your bare floor, you need to consider a few facts about carpeting. If you want to install carpet in your brand new home or want to renovate or replace your worn out flooring, then carpet can be a good answer.

Endless commercials are there that advertise a variety of flooring alternatives. Therefore, you get confused and cannot make your decision on flooring options. However, carpet is can be the best option for floor covering and is available at the lowest cost per square feet.

Why choose carpet over other popular flooring options

Carpet requires lowest maintenance as compared to other types of flooring. It needs little vacuuming throughout the year. It is easy to install. It does not produce possibly harmful smoke and is beautiful. It helps you preserve the floors for many years.

Before you buy carpet, it is wise to know the different kinds of carpets available in today’s market. You can find out four types of carpet in the market and they are- cut and pile; cut and loop; level loop and multi-level loop.

Cut and pile carpet

Cut and pile carpet is one of the best carpet available in the market. It looks more comfortable and prevents crushing compared to other types of carpeting. They are four types of cut and pile carpets.

Saxony is a type of carpet that is produced with as many as fibers twisted together. This kind of carpet displays footprints and vacuum marks.

Textured Saxony is carpet with a gentle sense underfoot and is ideal for family rooms, and kids’ rooms. It soaks up the vacuum and track marks in a much better way.

Velvet plush is more luxurious. Although, it displays footprints and vacuum marks, it has the most posh look.

Frieze is a twisted cut and pile carpet mainly designed for the high traffic areas. It can provide you durability compared to other types of carpet and displays less cut and pile marks.

These types of carpet can be installed easily but taking an expert advice will help you put them in a right place that will best complement your home décor. If you take help from carpet layers edmonton, they will help you enhance the appearance of your home.

Cut and loop carpet

Cut and loop has both the cut and loop carpet fibers. It can hide footprints and other marks in a best possible way. You can get an assortment of sculptured and textured looks from it.

Level loop carpet

This type of carpet is durable and footprints resistant. It is very effective in high traffic areas. It provides you the best feel of luxury. It is easy to maintain. You can fit this type of carpet any high traffic area in your home.

Multi level loop

This type of carpet differs from other carpets in heights only. It offers you an appearance of casual texture.

Before you make any buying decision, ask the carpet installers in edmonton to ensure about the right carpet for your home.

Author bio

Black Stallion is a freelance architect and a home improvement analyst. He has been writing for many online publications since 2007. In his recent articles, he shares some useful advices on different kinds of carpet installation. You can visit http://www.newimageflooring.ca/articles/ to collect ideas on the type of flooring materials, services and solutions. He recommends you to take carpet installation edmonton services for best satisfaction.




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