Impress Your Friends with These Very Cool Party Tricks


Authored by Johnny Dunn in Relationships
Published on 03-06-2009

Want to be the life of the party? It’s quite simple actually, you don’t have to be the most interesting person there nor do you have to be the prettiest. Your social status is all about making impressions, and there is nothing that makes a better impression than a magic trick. The name magic trick is deceptive enough already, there is no magic involved. They are simply tricks of sleight-of-hand or illusions that tantalize the brain of your audience. Here are just a few easy tricks that are sure to impress even the most skeptical person:

1. Ashy Water

Obtain an ashtray and fill it with no more than a quarter inch of water. Stack six coins in the center of the ashtray so the top two coins are above the water. Then put 4 unlit matches on top of the coins. Light the matches and immediately cover the flames and coins with a glass cup. The water will amazingly be drawn into the glass cup.

2. Tricky Dice

Ask a friend to drop 3 die into a glass of water. Tell him to raise the glass over his head and count the total of the die on the bottom. Then tell him to set the glass back down. Do some distracting motions, like rubbing your fingers on your forehead and pretend to concentrate. Finally, add up the total of the numbers on the top and subtract it from 21 and shout out the difference. This will give you the bottom total!

3. Predictable Quarter

Borrow any quarter, hopefully one with smooth edges and ridges. Stand it upright on a table and spin it with your index fingers. Take careful note of what side of the quarter is facing you. 90 percent of the time, when the coin finishes spinning, it will be the opposite side of the one facing you. Knowing this, you can predict the side a quarter will land on when it spins with a very good chance of getting it right.

4. Pale Hand

Now this is a very impressive trick and is easily done. Ask for a volunteer. Turn around, and ask the volunteer to raise one hand over his head for 10 seconds. Then ask him to put it down, turn around, and inspect his hands. Which one is paler than the other? That’s the one he raised. Since he raised it over his head, less blood circulated to it during those 10 seconds and that made his hand become paler. Impress him by telling him the right hand, and repeat the trick over and over again so he’s convinced it wasn’t just a lucky guess. This one will baffle people.

Those are just four very simple tricks that you can use to impress anyone at a party. Get free drinks, pick up girls, and make great impressions using any one of them. Remember, a magician never reveals his secret. Give away the secret and knowledge to just one of these tricks and people will doubt the rest of your tricks forever.


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