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In momery of the new purse from my husband

  • By Margaret Seward
  • Published 11/16/2010
  • Poetry

It has been 14 years since my purse was stolen. Could you imagine that the suspect was the then girlfriend of my colleague? The girl was not very poor, but she had the habit to “take away” things or money from family members and acquaintances. It was the year 1996 and I just began to work. The institute I worked for had no place for me to live in, so I had to rent a room besides a male colleague who lived together with his girlfriend. One day, my husband bought me a new and beautiful green leather purse. I like it very much and put it into my handbag for use. About one week later, when I went to the department of our institute I worked in, the secretary gave me my wage that month and then I put it into my purse. At that time, I often play checkers with a female colleague. So, after work, she went to my home to play checkers. As soon as we entered my home, I put my handbag beside the door and we began to play checkers. For it was a bit cold, we played on my bed inside a room where I could not see the door. While we were playing, my male colleague’s girl friend walked in, saying, “You are so attentive!” We were busy playing, paying no attention to her. Then, she walked away. After my female colleague left my home, I found my purse was not in my handbag. I stayed all the time with my female colleague and it is impossible for her take it away. I pondered for a while and realized that my male colleague’s girlfriend had taken my purse away. But without evidence, I could not take my purse back. Later, one event proved my speculation. Once, I found one bottle of shampoo was missing. It was one of the two bottles of shampoo brought back by my husband. One day, when they went out with their door open, I saw a similar bottle of shampoo beside the door. Then, I walked in and found its production date was the same as mine. Do you think this is coincidence? Of course, I told this to my intimate friend who was also my colleague. She told me that she lost some money twice when my male colleague’s girlfriend was around. What lesson can you draw from my experience? The author is a copywriter concentrating on Cheap Gucci Watches.



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