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In what way to lose weight fast rebound

  • By qingxiao qingxiao
  • Published 05/4/2012

Weight loss does not rebound, the movement is the most important Although the diet can help us burn fat, but want to maintain weight-loss results, it must rely on the movement. But we need to know time to exercise is more important than exercise intensity, in general, to do more than 45 minutes of aerobic exercise to really achieve fat burning weight-loss purposes, because the first half of the movement in the consumption of the body The heat, the latter half of the real in burning fat. zixiutang If you do not have time to go to the gym, at home to do some simple jumping rope, sit-ups or the place running and other aerobic exercise are very effective, as long as serious for two weeks, I believe we will get satisfactory results. Weight loss best aerobic exercise.First, running If you can not go to outdoor running, then select the treadmill or run can be at home in situ. Take the treadmill, for example, if we continue to brisk walking for an hour to consume more than 500 kcal of heat.

Second, the hot yoga zi xiu tang

Hot Yoga is very effective weight-loss temperature in the indoor environment of about 40 degrees specialized yoga stretching movements, allowing the muscles to become firmer, more obvious lines. And consumption of calories than the average yoga is much bigger, and doing yoga is also beneficial to the discharge of toxins from the body at high temperatures. Third, the spinning

 This movement is simple and effective, headphones with music fast cycling, and calories burned and running. There like the other ball games and strength training are able to exercise to the systemic and local lines. Drainage massage to slimming Very effective exercise to lose weight and very durable, but we have to admit that a lot of girls born is not like sports, so if you have time, you can go to a professional slim center to do some massage to help reduce fat. Zi Xiu Tang Pollen Capsule Of course, we can also use thin oils Slimming Spa, master kneading and pressing techniques that help the body through the meridians, promote metabolism and the breakdown of fat, so that body parts can be Cellulite compact.

 Diet with the essential

Want to lose weight, eat less is better to eat the clever. Diet do not hurt your stomach, breakfast try to eat nutritious foods to supplement the day’s energy, as long as the lunch eat eight full can of course have to attach importance to the balance of nutrition and vitamin intake, while dinner must eat less, more use of light and low heat so that you only can provide the body with nutrition while maintaining a good and perfect body type.


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