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Increase Your Conversion With Effective Sales Letters

  • By Karen Winton
  • Published 05/15/2011
  • Copywriting

Effective sales letters can help you entice more people to make a purchase from your biz. If you follow the letter writing tips and bear in mind the facts shared below, you can increase your conversion rates as the tips will teach you how to make letters that work: An Overview Think of the letters to be like sales people who talk on your behalf, informing the readers or the site visitors all about your products or your services, what the features and benefits are, the prices, and so on. When writing a letter that follows Internet marketing guidelines, you can expect to come up with something that elicits positive responses or actions from the people e.g. they’ll sign up for the service, they’ll make purchases, etc. Effective sales letters not only promote your biz, products, or services, but also tell potential customers why your business is important and what it’s there for. You can send the missives by e-mail, direct mail, or publish them on the first page of your website. Common Pointers There are various letter writing tips that you can apply to increase your conversion. Here are some of the most common:

When writing a letter, the very first thing you’ll have to think about is the head line. It should immediate

ly get the attention of people in a positive way; to be specific, it should mention about the solution to a specific problem e.g. ‘How To Protect Your Furry Friend From Fleas’. It is best to not go over 50 words when creating your headline. Keep in mind that head lines are important components of effective sales letters. They should be made interesting and attention grabbing to the target audience. Considered as the some of the best ingredients of the letters that really increase your conversion are the actual features and benefits of the services or the products you are offering. Part of letter writing tips is for you to present the benefits and the features in bullet form so that the people can more easily see them and learn what the products or the services can bring them. Taking the previous headline as an example, for instance, you can list down features such as: easy to apply, safe to use, etc, and benefits such as: ‘now your dog will stop scratching’, ‘protect your doggie from itchy flea bites and non stop scratching’. Remember that benefits are more important than the features, so highlight the benefits more.

Other components of effective sales letters that you should apply whenever you’re writing a letter include: actual positive client testimonials, a cash back guarantee (as long as you’re sure of the effectiveness of what you’re offering); among others.



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