Increasing Revenue by Domaining Effectively

Domaining remains one of the more potent weapons of any webmaster, especially those who are operating several domains at once to multiply revenue on a daily basis. Effective domaining means bigger business, more conversions, and fruitful “hits” or visitors. Here’s how to make your domaining more rewarding:

Search Engine Optimization

No matter what other critics say, search engine optimization remains important in the over-all scheme of things. While it is true that a lot of traffic can mean negative growth in some cases, you have to be there, in the rankings to enter the internet rat race.

Now, what you want to do when you want domains is to choose pre-existing domains that are rich in core keywords. Core keywords are often associated with brands and buyer-rich niches in the market, which puts you that much closer to converting those visits into revenue.

Your website should be at least five pages deep, with more than 200 words. Start building your inbound linkages as well, and remember: bounce rates are important, so keep those visitors happy and hook them past two to six seconds.

PR Counts, Forget the Rest

When you want to buy domains, make sure that you’re getting something that has a rich PR history. This means that the domain should already be in the consciousness of consumers. For instance, Google equates well with search engine while the world Kindle or Books is well equated with Amazon. To get into the successful bandwagon, aim for rich associations such as this. This begins with getting the right domains.

Avoid Conflict with Existing Domains

Before you go in and pay for an expensive domain, make sure that you’ve done a thorough examination of all existing domains. Having someone file a lawsuit or a complaint, stating that the domain you’re using is someone else’s is an unnecessary hassle you can avoid by doing simply doing research.

Functionality + Services Equates to Business

The website you are building should be useful to visitors. Make sure that your website is not just a collection of a hundred links. If this is the situation now, it’s probable that half of potential conversion bounce in a few seconds after seeing that your site is just a blank page with a lot of keywords on top.

Make your website fun (if it’s supposed to be fun or funny), make it informative (if you wish to build an information archive on many topics) and so on. Content does matter, because people view hundreds of web pages a day, and if your website is forgettable, they leave and probably will never come back.

Protect Your Goldmine

If you think there might be a possibility of other individuals jumping in by altering your domain name and claiming the variation as their own, make sure that you own these domains as well. Variations and common misspellings can be the beginning of unfair competition, and you would be the one suffering if you have come up with the domain before the others.

Also, stick to the dot com formula. Forget the others; they just won’t work. Look at the most successful online presence out there- name plus dot com. They do it, you should too.


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