Inexpensive Golf Club Reviews


Authored by Geoff Vaughan in Golf
Published on 04-13-2009

One of the major complaints about the game of golf is that it is too expensive for some people to play. Buying good equipment can cost hundreds of dollars, and the greens fees and golf cart rental fees at most courses can really eat into a person’s budget, especially if he or she plays regularly. Fortunately, there are some companies that manufacture golf clubs that are much more inexpensive than the top-of-the-line clubs that the pros use.

John Daly JD Tour 10-degree 450cc Driver

This driver can be found for just under fifty bucks, and represents a great value when compared to the $300+ drivers made by Ping and Cobra. At 450cc, it’s big enough to be extremely forgiving and stable, and also gives the recreational golfer a bit of confidence when addressing the ball. Naturally, a huge driver head makes it seem impossible to mis-hit a drive, and this club delivers on that promise. It has a graphite shaft with a Winn grip, and at the price, you can’t go wrong with this driver.

Bang Mellow Yellow

One golf brand that hasn’t been very mainstream, but has gotten a lot of attention on the long drive circuit is Bang Golf. Bang makes drivers with large heads for those who truly take the mantra “grip it and rip it” to heart. The Mellow Yellow, in particular, is one of Bang’s models that won’t break your bank, with a price of between 50 and 100 dollars depending on where you get it. This show stopper will not only draw attention with your booming drives, but its crazy yellow color is sure to peak everyone’s curiosity even while it’s sitting in your bag. You can get the Mellow Yellow in a 7.5 degree or 18 degree loft, depending on what you want it for, and most stores will allow you to choose the shaft and grip you want with it as well, as Bang’s driver heads are mostly sold for the purpose of making custom golf clubs. At 420cc, this driver is a little smaller than the largest ones out there, but it still looks huge when standing over the ball on the tee box, and it packs enough punch to add some serious length to your drive.

Capture II Titanium

Another segment out there that’s starting to become more popular is that of driver clones. Companies will attempt to duplicate the look, feel, and performance of more expensive drivers and sell less expensive versions. The Capture II Titanium is one example of this, as it is billed as a clone of the Ping Rapture. Get it – Capture and Rapture? It comes in 9.5, 10.5, and 12 degree lofts, and is typically priced at about a hundred bucks, when compared to $400 for the Ping. At 460cc, it’s one of the larger driver heads, and it actually hits up against the USGA size limit on club heads. Whether or not this club performs exactly as the Ping Rapture does, it’s still a good buy at one fourth of the price.


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