Inexpensive Wedding Cookies


Authored by Lisa Bower in Wedding 
Published on 12-08-2009

Cookies are a great addition to any wedding. They can be served at the wedding reception as an appetizer or even for dessert, or they can be given away as wedding favors. The great thing about wedding cookies is that they are a dessert that people of all ages and backgrounds are sure to love. This is a classic dessert or favor that is sure to get people’s mouths salivating.

Don’t think that you have to bake cookies from scratch. Most people won’t notice if you use a box to make the cookies. Using a store-bought box of mix is an inexpensive and easy way to whip up batch after batch of wedding cookies. This will save you a lot of time. After all, all you need to do is mix together a few ingredients and then throw batch after batch into the oven to bake. Often, you can even buy cookie mix in bulk. This too will save you a great deal of money when it comes time to make wedding cookies for your reception or to use for wedding favors.

Remember that cookies can keep for quite some time. Thus, you can bake them a day or two before the event and they will keep well if they are in an airtight box. This could save you quite a bit of time and will ensure you will have the time to make enough cookies for the event. Take the time to multitask while baking cookies. For example, while a batch is baking, stir up some batter. You can make a large load of batter and keep it in the refrigerator for later baking. The more efficient you are with your time, the better off you will be. After all, a wedding takes a good amount of time to plan and implement.

The most inexpensive of wedding cookie options are often classics. Thus, think about busting out the chocolate chip and sugar cookie recipes. For wedding cookies, it may be best to go with simple recipes since they are so classic (i.e. you can be sure people will enjoy them). To be on the safe side, try to steer clear of cookies that contain nuts. You never know who’s allergic to such items.

Another inexpensive way to have wedding cookies is to ask guests to participate in the festivities. If you ask close friends and family members to each bake a dozen or two of cookies, you could have some serious variety at the wedding reception or for wedding favors without having to spend much at all. Loved ones will want to help you out with your wedding day. Considering how easy it is to make cookies, this is a small favor to ask people. This will ensure you have enough cookies to feed all of your guests, that you have some variety, and that you will be able to save yourself some much-needed time and money. This is your wedding day! You shouldn’t have to spend the day slaving away in the kitchen!


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