Inexpensive Wedding Meal Ideas

Food is everything at a wedding: It’s something that people are surely bound to remember. This is why it is so important to really consider your wedding meal ideas or options before choosing any one menu. Though food can be expensive, there are ways to save money so that you don’t have to go into debt feeding your guests. The following are some classic and effective inexpensive wedding meal ideas that you should consider when planning your wedding reception.

One of the most inexpensive wedding meal ideas is to have a dessert buffet. This is a fun way to please everyone’s sweet tooth. For example, you could begin the reception by having bowls of candy placed strategically around the room. Each course of the meal or wedding reception could be a favorite dessert: cakes, puddings, and cookies are all great options. This helps you save money because desserts are smaller in scale and not as costly to make. Additionally, you can ask loved ones to help make some of these items to cut costs so that not every cake and cookie has to be catered.

Another great and cheap wedding meal idea is to have a brunch wedding reception. Often, breakfast foods are easier to make and not as expensive. Thus, you save some money while also pleasing or satisfying your guests’ appetites. Sample brunch menu items include fruit, muffins, eggs, and bagels, among other delicious items.

If you are dead set on having a dinner wedding reception, consider having only the entrée catered and having the other items made by loved ones. For example, asking friends and family members to whip together salads and to help cut vegetables isn’t the biggest deal, especially if you tell them this can be their wedding gift to you. Couple such sides with something easy like barbecue chicken from a local restaurant, and you will have a delicious and inexpensive wedding meal.

Theme wedding receptions are a fun way to cut costs. For example, you could have a Parisian-themed reception where bread, cheese, and wine are the included foods. This ensures that food is served but that you will not have to invest in five-source meal for each and every guest. Similarly, you could have an afternoon-tea theme where coffee, biscotti, cookies, croissants, and tea are served.

Another great option is to consider investing in finger foods for this wedding reception. This is a fun way to lower the costs of your wedding reception while providing people with fun food to chow down on. You can do everything from have cucumber sandwiches made up to placing a tray of meats and cheeses on a tray so that people can fix their own finger sandwiches.

Lastly, consider having a barbeque or potluck wedding reception. This means that you won’t have to have food catered, can throw open the grill, and can ask folks to bring their world famous potato salad and other creations. Such a wedding reception is low stress, fun, and is sure to be full of delicious foods.


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