Inexpensive Wedding Reception Decorations

The wedding reception is one of the most important parts of a wedding. After all, this is where people get to celebrate the union of their loved ones. The right wedding reception decorations can really add something special to this event. However, don’t think that you have to hire a decorator or invest thousands of dollars into decorations you will never again use. On the contrary, if you plan ahead and are creative, you can decorate for this reception without having to go into debt. The following are some great ideas for how to hunt down and use inexpensive wedding reception decorations.

Table cloths can really add a lot to a wedding reception. After all, the tables containing the food, gifts, and favors will be scattered around the room. Table cloths can accent or accentuate a theme or feeling. The best part is that this wedding reception decoration is incredibly inexpensive. Really, all you need is some fabric. Thus, you don’t even have to feel tied down to traditional table cloths. Instead, you can head to a local craft store and look for fabrics that have unique images, texture, color, and detailing.

Candles are another stellar and inexpensive addition to any wedding reception. The flow of a candle will really add some romance and elegance to the event. After all, who doesn’t want to toast a couple in love over the flicker of candles? Candles are inexpensive yet classic additions to any wedding reception directions. You can add them to your guests’ tables, place them strategically around the venue and can add them to the buffet or serving tables.

Sometimes, the best decorations are those that are already in your home. For example, glitter, sprinkles, beads, and confetti look great when sprinkled on tables. This small detail can really add a special touch to your wedding reception.

Consider investing in tulle to place around the venue. Tie the fabric around banisters, door knobs, chairs and tables. Pinning or attaching tulle borders around a room will add a soft and elegant feeling to the room. And of course, tulle is incredibly inexpensive. Have a loved one run to a fabric store and you will soon have a subtle yet effective wedding reception decoration.

Use the flowers from the wedding ceremony to really add something unique to your wedding reception venue. These flowers can be rearranged into centerpieces, can be scattered around the room, and can be strategically placed on tables around the room. No one will notice that the flowers were reused, and this is sure to save you quite a bit of money. Additionally, ask loved ones if they have any old wreaths or fake flowers just collecting dust in their attics or basements.

Lighting is everything when it comes to a wedding reception. Think about investing in holiday lights. After all, you can find them heavily discounted after the holidays are over. Some classic white lights strung around poles, tables, and door frames will add a magical feeling to the room, and it will save you money.


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