Inexpensive Weekend Getaways

There are many inexpensive weekend getaways across the United States. Depending on whether you are looking for romance, adventure, relaxation, or a combination, there are a number of vacation choices that appeal to a variety of people and budgets. The weekend getaways noted in this guide are considered major cities, but offer unique small-town flavor and affordability that larger metropolises just cannot match. All the cities listed are within easy driving distance of many points of interest in the United States. The best deals on inexpensive weekend getaways can often be found at the last minute, making a quick trip possible.

Virginia Beach, Virginia

Virginia Beach, especially during the fall, winter, and spring months, is one of the most inexpensive weekend getaways. This Southeastern city offers a number of affordable hotel rooms, many with private oceanfront balconies, free Internet, full breakfast, and fine dining nearby. Those interested in psychic history may want to stop by the Association for Research and Enlightenment to learn more about renowned psychic Edgar Cayce. Virginia Beach can be easily accessed from most of the East Coast and is also less than eight hours from many Midwestern cities such as Louisville, Kentucky.

Louisville, Kentucky

Louisville is a great choice for inexpensive weekend getaways year-round. This part of Kentucky offers more than just liquor and horses, though plenty of opportunities for both are available. Louisville is another convenient city for most people in the Midwest and the East Coast, and has a host of luxury and affordable hotel accommodations, live music all over the city, and a small-town feel in one of the country’s biggest cities. Louisville has one of the largest parks systems in the country, and is home of both Thunder Over Louisville and the Kentucky Derby.

Sacramento, California

Sacramento is another one of the inexpensive weekend getaways available for United States travelers, especially those on the West Coast. The capital city of California is also convenient to a number of beaches and the city of San Francisco, but does not have the sticker shock of most other American West Coast cities. Those interested in learning more about the Gold Rush-era can enjoy the historic attractions in Sacramento, which include Missisippi-style riverboats and plenty of railroad-oriented sites. Whether you are looking for sushi, Mexican food, or traditional American cuisine, there are a number of dining options to add to your vacation.

Austin, Texas

Austin is convenient for people in the South and Midwest, and is considered one of the most progressive cities in the country. Also known as the Live Music Capital of the World, inexpensive weekend getaways in Austin offer plenty of chances for music buffs and even casual listeners to check out groups that might become the next Dixie Chicks. Stevie Ray Vaughan and Willie Nelson also had Austin roots. This city offers Texas barbeque and also ethnic cuisine. There are tons of eclectic shops, contributing to the nickname “Keep Austin Weird.” The South Congress district is especially known for diverse thrift store and high-end shopping.


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