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Inheritance and innovation

  • By rachel Agee
  • Published 04/7/2011
  • Article Writing

In 1953, Blancpain launched the first diving watch in the world, after that it started the romantic encounter with the marine ocean, and they have a close relationship all the times. Over the past few decades, Blancpain watches has made alliance with several partners, which even strengthen the close relationship between the Le Brassus Workshops and global countless marine enthusiasts all over the world. The time when Blancpain watches first submerge into the water world can be traced back to 1952 when it is asked by the French navy to create a quality timepiece which can be worn to work under the water. Therefore, watchmakers and engineers tried their best to produce the original dive watch “Fifty Fathoms” which is still known as the classic piece. This timepiece can be resistant the water up to 50 fathoms for about 1.8288 m. This kind of watches is in the professional divers’ grace after its release. Since then, Blancpain house regularly came up with other kinds which were designed and changed based on this classic prototype. Blancpain is polishing the polish all the times. In 2003, its watches’ water resistant depth climbed to 300 meters, the final culmination of evolution is the introduction of 500 fathoms diving watch in 2009 which can dive deep to 1000 meters. In 2010, Blancpain further expanded the series of the sports watches “fifty fathoms” to create a piece of stunning intricate crafted watch which thoroughly make the interpretation of the all dial calendar of moon phase displaying. Inherited from the innovation and excellence of clock mechanism, “Fifty Fathoms” family is added with the force movement which is made up of total 448 parts. This kind of watches is a revolutionary technology breakthrough which firstly allows wearers to adjust all the show any times and never damage the clock mechanism. Blancpain watches with the unique design that allows timepieces players to easily adjust the calendar display without any worry. The white steel case and 45mm diameter face plate, matching with a blue unidirectional rotating outer ring and the blue tone of the face plate, which sketches out an extraordinary masterpiece.



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